B2B MarTech and Sales Tech Management

What is MarTech?

An article on the Harvard Business Review website defines the chief marketing technologist as one who handles “aligning marketing technology with business goals, serving as a liaison to IT, and evaluating and choosing technology providers. About half are charged with helping craft new digital business models as well.”

Effective martech and sales tech management becomes more critical every day as the buyer’s journey becomes more digital-reliant, but not every brand can justify the investment in a full-time chief marketing technologist.

martech and sales technology management

We Love Sales & Marketing Tech

If you aren’t ready to make the investment in a full-time sales & marketing technologist, outsource the marketing technologist role to us to ensure your brand and sales team stay up-to-speed. Your marketing operations management will improve when you have a resource for administering your software and support your tech and data management requirements.

Jackson Marketing can help you select, manage, and maintain the right software solutions and platforms for your business and budget.


Let’s Get Serious About Sales & Marketing Tech

Sales & marketing practitioners must proactively and quickly respond to the evolving demands, attitudes, and desires of customers and prospects. MarTech and sales tech can make that happen.

Almost every sales & marketing department today is heavily tech-dependent, so it’s important for companies to be proactive with their technology use. Additionally, it’s critical to use MarTech and sales tech to meet the evolving demands, attitudes, and desires of customers and prospects.

As a result, you may ask yourself: can I afford to hire a technologist for my company? Maybe the better question is: can you afford not to?

Outsource the Technologist Job

Jackson Marketing, Inc., offers technology management for teams like yours. We provide recommendations, integration, and administration of:

  • marketing automation software
  • email marketing software
  • sales engagement software and CRM
  • Google Analytics and other website analytics tools
  • social media management solutions
  • employee advocacy and influencer marketing platforms
  • content curation solutions
  • marketing data analysis
  • WordPress management and more
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