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Customer-Focused Content

Content Marketing Strategy

What are your potential customers looking for? Does your brand’s content experience rise above that of your competition’s? Let’s create a customer-focused content approach.

According to Forrester Consulting, 59 percent of B2B buyers don’t want to engage with sales representatives as their primary source of research. With fewer decision makers reaching out to sales immediately, companies need to deliver better customer experiences. How you get found, how you engage, and what value you bring during all phases of the buyer’s journey play into the development of your brand’s unique customer experience.

We Help You Deliver Online Content Experiences for Your Customers

If you came here looking for an agency that will churn out a ton of self-promotional content, you’re in the wrong place. That approach simply doesn’t work. Buyers don’t want you to sell to them; they want education and information.

We’re here to help you define your content mission and vision, collaborate with you to develop a customer-focused content strategy, and expertly execute programs to reach your potential buyers across all the stages of the buyer’s journey using the right marketing technology.

The Buyer’s Journey Stages

After defining your buyer personas, we’ll work with you to identify what your personas do during each stage of the buyer’s journey. How do they search for information? Who are the trusted sources? What type of content formats are they looking for?


An Awareness Stage Prospect is experiencing a problem or has recognized an opportunity. As a result, this individual is conducting research to understand, frame, and give a name to the problem or opportunity.

How We Can Help

  • Blog Posts
  • eBooks & White Papers
  • Landing Pages
  • Editorial Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Short Videos
  • Interactive Content
  • Infographics


A Consideration Stage Prospect has taken time to define his or her goal. Prospects in this stage are committed to evaluating different approaches to solve problems and meet challenges.

How We Can Help

  • Webinars
  • Expert Guides
  • Video
  • Podcast Planning
  • Email nurtures
  • Personalized on-site content
  • Interactive Content


Decision Stage Leads know what solution category or methods they want to pursue. They’ve likely made a list of vendors and product options. They are close to making a purchase decision.

How We Can Help

  • Case Studies
  • Product Literature
  • Trial Period Email Nurtures
  • Trade Show Promotion
  • Vendor/Product Comparisons
  • Personalized on-site content

MarTech Makes Content Better

Jackson Marketing helps clients manage a variety of different marketing technologies such as website messenger bots, social media marketing platforms, email marketing software, and best-in-class marketing automation solutions.

We help you use technology to deliver your customer-focused content. Let’s get the right message to the right people at their current stage of the buyer’s journey to move them closer to a sales decision.

“They deliver results, this is what matters. Jackson Marketing can wrap their services around your ideas and plan—then execute. Better Yet? They can show you measurable results along the way. Put them on your side!”

Jim Howell, Owner – Perky’s Pizza; Co-founder – John Daly Pizza

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