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Your buyers use social media.

Worldwide, 3.196 billion people are active on social networks. That’s 42 percent of the total population. Active mobile social users represent 39 percent of the population.

In North America, 70 percent of the population is active on social media and 61 percent actively access social media via mobile devices.

Think of all the people who are walking around all day using a device that holds the potential for your brand to connect with them. Make B2B social media marketing services work for your brand.

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Let’s Plan Your Strategy

There’s no doubt about it. The technology buyers you want to reach are on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. However, it’s harder than ever to reach them thanks to changing algorithms and declining trust in brands. While that makes things a tad more difficult, you can’t deny the power that these networks still hold for companies that know how to leverage relevant platforms in their B2B social media marketing efforts.


We help you build connections

Below are a few examples of how Jackson Marketing, Inc., can help technology marketers and your employees make an impact on social media. Looking for something we don’t mention here? Get in touch to discuss your project. Discover how we can help you reach them through our B2B social media marketing services.


We’ll help you develop and document your social media marketing strategy.


We have years of experience — and success — managing B2B social media.


Let’s increase your reach with an employee advocacy program.

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We can help improve your sales reps’ social selling profiles and presence.

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