SEO & SEM for B2B

Can your buyers find you?

In the modern buyer’s journey, customers are researching brands and vendors before ever reaching out to talk to a sales rep or making a purchase. What’s one of the main ways buyers find your business? Through online search. That makes SEO for B2B companies an essential digital marketing strategy.

Today, search engine marketing services focus on more than optimizing a page full of keywords or building mass quantities of backlinks. We can help you keep up with the competition through B2B SEO & SEM.

seo and sem for b2b

Forget Old-School SEO for B2B

As Google continually refines its search algorithms, some old-school techniques for SEO have become obsolete or dangerous to your rankings. Search engines want to deliver quality content to searchers. As a result, B2B search optimization and other digital marketing tactics must complement one another.

Search engine optimization isn’t something that just happens on the site itself. It’s also not just about link building or other off-site techniques. The best approach for B2B SEO considers both aspects. We will work with you to do both in ways that aren’t spammy and won’t get you penalized.

How We Can Help with SEM

Below are a few examples of how Jackson Marketing, Inc., can help your company and brands get found with our SEM & SEO for B2B services. Get in touch to discuss your project.


Want to learn how to improve your website’s SEO? We develop an audit and action plan to put clients on track to capture more visitors. We can help you measure performance and monitor for new opportunities.


Need help getting your SEO / SEM plan in action? We can take on those important (but sometimes tedious) tasks when it comes to on-page copy optimization, relevant link-building, and other SEM tasks.

PPC & Display

Just looking for help managing your pay-per-click program? Jackson Marketing can assist you with landing page setup, AdWords and Bing ad management, reporting, and more.

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