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Think about how you buy products and services today. Do you research your options before ever visiting a store or contacting a sales rep? Guess what. That’s what your prospects are doing, too. Now, consider your site: does your content bring in prospects and make a case for your business? The right B2B content marketing services can help.

b2b content marketing servicesAccording to Forrester Consulting, 59 percent of B2B buyers don’t want to engage with sales representatives as their primary source of research. Fewer decision makers reach out to sales immediately. Your brand has to deliver better online experiences than the competition during all phases of the buyer’s journey. Superior content is a foundational component.

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What Kind of B2B Content Marketing Services Do You Need?

No two businesses have the same B2B content marketing services needs. Some clients only want on-demand, project-based work while others seek a long-term partner to help with strategy and continuous content creation. Here are a few ways you can engage with Jackson Marketing to take your content marketing to the next level.

An Awareness Stage Prospect is experiencing a problem or has recognized an opportunity. This individual is conducting research to understand, frame, and give a name to the problem or opportunity.

  • Blog Posts
  • eBooks & White Papers
  • Landing Pages
  • Podcast Planning
  • Social Media Content
  • Short Videos
  • Interactive Content
  • Infographics
A Consideration Stage Prospect has taken time to define his or her goal. Prospects in this stage are committed to evaluating different approaches to solve problems and meet challenges.

  • Webinars
  • Expert Guides
  • Video
  • Podcast Planning
  • Email nurtures
  • Personalized On-Site Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Landing Pages
Decision Stage Leads know what solution category or methods they want to pursue. They’ve likely made a list of vendors and product options. They are close to making a purchase decision.

  • Case Studies
  • Product Literature
  • Trial Period Email Nurtures
  • Trade Show Promotion
  • Vendor/Product Comparisons
  • Personalized on-site content

Customers appreciate relevant content, too. Your content’s job doesn’t stop after the sale. Keep customers informed and educated. Add to the customer experience.

  • Blog Posts
  • Podcast Planning
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Social Messages

get more out of content with MARTECH

We help you use technology to deliver your customer-focused content. Let’s get the right message to the right people at their current stage of the buyer’s journey to move them closer to a sales decision.

don’t forget about content for your SALES TEAM

Sales teams have a lot of opportunities, thanks to social selling, to get in front of prospects early in the buyer’s journey. However, they need the right content to help them stand out from the competition.

We’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you with developing account-based sales content, articles by your reps for use on LinkedIn and other platforms, and more. Let’s talk about your sales enablement content needs.

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