The B2B Mix Show podcast

The B2B Mix Show Podcast

Every B2B Brand Needs a Face: Executive and Employee Brand Advocates

Does your business have visible executive and employee brand advocates? Listen to this episode of The B2B Mix Show to find out why you should.

Lessons in Event Marketing (and Remote Work, too)

Interested in event marketing? Listen to this episode of The B2B Mix Show to learn how Liam Martin marketed the world’s largest conference on remote work.

Welcome to The B2B Mix Show

We mentioned the possibility in episode 10. In episode 11, we did it! We changed our name. This short episode talks about what’s next for The B2B Mix Show.

So We Started a Podcast

Nobody ever said podcasting was easy . . . but it doesn’t have to be incredibly hard, either! Thanks for joining the first episode of The Marketing Mix.

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