The B2B Mix Show podcast

The B2B Mix Show Podcast

How to Work with a Freelance Writer (and a Few Tips for Freelancers)

This week our friend, Meaghan Alvarado, joins us on The B2B Mix Show to talk about her experiences with freelance writing and explain to would-be clients how to work with a freelance writer to the get the most of out of the relationship, so they can...

How to Create a Killer Email Sequence That Converts

Entrepreneurs and salespeople — need to improve your sales outreach? Listen in to what Autoklose CEO Shawn Finder has to say about killer email sequences.

Curated Content – Its Role in Marketing, Sales, and Beyond

Want to learn more about content curation’s role in marketing, sales, and beyond? Listen in to this episode of The B2B Mix Show with guest Scott Rogerson.

Welcome to The B2B Mix Show

We mentioned the possibility in episode 10. In episode 11, we did it! We changed our name. This short episode talks about what’s next for The B2B Mix Show.

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