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10 Ways to Repurpose and Promote Blog Content for Success

The internet is a crowded, crowded place -- and it's just getting more crowded every day. Maybe you've got a terrific site with a stellar blog. Unfortunately, that's not enough. You have to put together a plan to distribute and promote blog content if you want it to...

Humanize Your B2B Brand with Executive Visibility and Employee Advocacy

Ever wonder how you can improve your brand’s visibility? Maybe it’s time to focus on building executive visibility and employee advocacy into your marketing strategy?

B2B Tech Companies Won’t Survive Without a Digital Strategy

B2B tech companies are going to see a decrease in revenue if they don’t have a digital strategy by 2020. Learn why this is key to remaining competitive.

Best B2B Video Ideas and Examples to Attract Business Prospects

Reach more prospects by exploring these B2B video ideas detailed in this marketing guide. Plus, start strong by learning from successful video campaigns.

Account-Based Marketing and Content Marketing Can Work Together

Account-based marketing and content marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. Read more about how these two B2B marketing approaches can coexist.

Make the Most of Your Martech

Want a peek at our favorite martech tools? We’ve mapped out some of our favorites and where you can leverage them in the buyer’s journey.

Latest Podcast EPISODES

How to Work with a Freelance Writer (and a Few Tips for Freelancers)

This week our friend, Meaghan Alvarado, joins us on The B2B Mix Show to talk about her experiences with freelance writing and explain to would-be clients how to work with a freelance writer to the get the most of out of the relationship, so they can...

How to Create a Killer Email Sequence That Converts

Entrepreneurs and salespeople — need to improve your sales outreach? Listen in to what Autoklose CEO Shawn Finder has to say about killer email sequences.

Curated Content – Its Role in Marketing, Sales, and Beyond

Want to learn more about content curation’s role in marketing, sales, and beyond? Listen in to this episode of The B2B Mix Show with guest Scott Rogerson.

The Power of Print in a Digital B2B World

Ever wonder if a print magazine could what your content strategy is missing? Hear how Blacksmith Applications uses print to power thought leadership.

Every B2B Brand Needs a Face: Executive and Employee Brand Advocates

Does your business have visible executive and employee brand advocates? Listen to this episode of The B2B Mix Show to find out why you should.

Lessons in Event Marketing (and Remote Work, too)

Interested in event marketing? Listen to this episode of The B2B Mix Show to learn how Liam Martin marketed the world’s largest conference on remote work.

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