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In this episode, Blacksmith Applications‘ VP of Marketing Jennifer Schiffman and Inbound Marketing Manager Caitlin Orosz share how they developed and use their Smoke Jumpers magazine to build thought leadership and support sales efforts.

the power of print in a digital b2b world

Listen in as Jennifer and Caitlin tell listeners:

  • why they chose a print magazine — and this is a high-quality, professional-looking, not-printed-on-the-office-color-printer, legit magazine — as part of their content strategy
  • what the name Smoke Jumpers means
  • how they learned the ropes of magazine publishing
  • how they plan their magazine’s editorial calendar and the production process
  • what their client — large, leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands — stakeholders (people involved in the trade spend optimization process) think about the magazine
  • about the initial hesitancy of the sales team and what they think of the magazine now
  • how they leverage Smoke Jumpers both in print and digital formats
  • tips to consider if they want to start their own magazine (or other “outside of the box” approach)

It’s not just a digital B2B world for this brand. Have more questions for today’s guests? Connect with Jennifer and Caitlin on LinkedIn.

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