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Life, both personal and professional, has changed quite a bit in just a week or two, hasn’t it? Suddenly, many of us are working from home right now to help “flatten the curve” of coronavirus cases. If this is your first time managing a remote team, then maybe you need a few tips to make things run smoothly.

David Kreiger of SalesRoads has been operating with a remote workforce since he’s company’s inception. Regardless of whether you’re managing a sales team, a marketing team, or some other group, the advice David shares can help you have a sense of connectivity, collaboration, and productivity during your team’s work-from-home stint.

After you listen to this episode, be sure to check out David’s blog post for a full list of the tips and tools he recommends during this episode.

Want to get in touch with David? You can reach him on LinkedIn or http://www.salesroads.com.

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