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ever wonder what it takes to PLAN AND PROMOTE a big business event or conference?

Liam Martin, Co-founder and CMO of Time Doctor and Co-Organizer of the Running Remote Conference, knows what it’s all about, and he’s sharing what he’s learned about event marketing with us.

During our interview, Liam touches on some interesting facts about remote work, and he shares five marketing tactics that he and his team used to promote off this amazing event, which was the large remote work conference in 2018.

A quick note to listeners . . . we did discover during production that there are parts of the audio with a few crackly bits here and there. Annoying? Yes. Rampant? No. We hope you’ll overlook these few moments to hear what Liam has to share. He’s an interesting guy with real-world insights and data about what worked in his promotional efforts.

This episode is longer than our usual, but we think you’ll find the details interesting.

in this event marketing episode, we learn:

  1. The power of podcasts as part of the Running Remote Conference promotion strategy
  2. How community partnerships and sponsorships helped spread awareness
  3. The role of cold outreach for connecting with influencers and performing direct sales
  4. The importance of speaker selection
  5. How video played a role in the promotion of the 2018 event and how the team uses 2018 event video from the conference itself to generate awareness for 2019

If you’d like to read Liam’s post chronicling everything his team did to plan and promote The Running Remote Conference in 2018, check out this post on the Time Doctor website. It’s very detailed and incredibly informative.


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