This week our friend, Meaghan Alvarado, joins us on The B2B Mix Show to talk about her experiences with freelance writing and explain to would-be clients how to work with a freelance writer to the get the most of out of the relationship, so they can improve their content marketing strategy.

Meaghan shares:

  • How she got involved in freelancing (psst — it started as a side hustle)
  • How graduating from college in 2008 during all the economic turmoil really helped shape her inclination to freelance
  • What an SEO content writer is and why even a basic understanding of SEO is important
  • Her favorite keyword research tool, Ubersuggest, and asks Stacy and Alanna for theirs (Answer the Public and SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool)
  • How she chooses semantically related keywords to boost SEO, including Pinterest
  • What most clients get wrong when it comes to how to work with a freelance writer
  • How you BETTER have a solid social media presence if you expect her (or any freelancer) to “write for exposure” only; have something of real value to offer if you want to bargain
  • What clients goof up when giving assignments
  • The fun and freedom of “no outline given” assignments; however, it technical topics and unfamiliar subjects do sometimes require more guidance
  • That a writer doesn’t always need to be an expert in your industry if he or she is a curious and motivated writer
  • What criteria and guidance should companies provide to a freelance writer
  • Where she sources images when a client wants pics with a post for blog posts or social media (,,
  • Thoughts on types of writing and how just because social posts are shorter, that doesn’t make them less valuable/cheaper
  • Additional tips for freelancers (like trying platforms such as Fiverr and ClearVoice) and for clients
  • What Meaghan would do if she won the lottery

If you’d like to reach Meaghan online and learn more about how to work with a freelance writer, connect with her on Twitter via @meaghanmae or visit her website


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