This week our friend, Meaghan Alvarado, joins us on The B2B Mix Show to talk about her experiences with freelance writing and explain to would-be clients how to work with a freelance writer to the get the most of out of the relationship, so they can improve their content marketing strategy.

Meaghan shares:

  • How she got involved in freelancing (psst — it started as a side hustle)
  • How graduating from college in 2008 during all the economic turmoil really helped shape her inclination to freelance
  • What an SEO content writer is and why even a basic understanding of SEO is important
  • Her favorite keyword research tool, Ubersuggest, and asks Stacy and Alanna for theirs (Answer the Public and SEMRush’s Keyword Magic Tool)
  • How she chooses semantically related keywords to boost SEO, including Pinterest
  • What most clients get wrong when it comes to how to work with a freelance writer
  • How you BETTER have a solid social media presence if you expect her (or any freelancer) to “write for exposure” only; have something of real value to offer if you want to bargain
  • What clients goof up when giving assignments
  • The fun and freedom of “no outline given” assignments; however, it technical topics and unfamiliar subjects do sometimes require more guidance
  • That a writer doesn’t always need to be an expert in your industry if he or she is a curious and motivated writer
  • What criteria and guidance should companies provide to a freelance writer
  • Where she sources images when a client wants pics with a post for blog posts or social media (,,
  • Thoughts on types of writing and how just because social posts are shorter, that doesn’t make them less valuable/cheaper
  • Additional tips for freelancers (like trying platforms such as Fiverr and ClearVoice) and for clients
  • What Meaghan would do if she won the lottery

If you’d like to reach Meaghan online and learn more about how to work with a freelance writer, connect with her on Twitter via @meaghanmae or visit her website


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How to Work with A Freelance Writer – Tweetables and Transcript

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Alanna Jackson: 00:00 Hey, hey, hey everybody. This is Alanna Jackson

Stacy Jackson: 00:03 and this is Stacy Jackson where cofounders of Jackson Marketing and in case you didn't know were also sisters. We're bringing you episode 18 of the B2b mix show. Alaina was today's topic about,

Alanna Jackson: 00:17 oh, we have a good one today. If you work with freelance writers, this is the episode you need to pay close attention to. We want to be talking about how to get the most out of your freelance writers and Stacy, I'm going to let you introduce our very special guests that we have today.

Stacy Jackson: 00:34 Oh good. Today we have our special guest, Meaghan Alvarado joining us on the BW mix show and we've worked with Meaghan on many different projects for different clients over the past few years. Now, Meaghan as a freelance writer and certified Seo content writer, she hands over 10 years of experience in sales and digital marketing, so she's got the business acumen and insights communicate messages effectively when she's not tapping away at a blog post. You can find Meaghan practicing or teaching. I don't know how to say it. Is it Chris?

Alanna Jackson: 01:10 I was wondering if you're going to get that

Meaghan: 01:13 it's Kripalu

Stacy Jackson: 01:16 or watching shark tank along find her husband and three dogs. Meaghan, welcome to the show.

Meaghan: 01:21 Hey Stacy and Alanna, thanks for having me.

Stacy Jackson: 01:23 Thanks for joining.

Alanna Jackson: 01:24 Yes, we are so excited to have you. So ,Meaghan, can you tell us a little bit more about what all you do? You know, just kind of give us a breakdown of what services you offer and tell us a little bit about how you got into freelance work.

Meaghan: 01:39 I mainly focus now on writing blog articles and ebooks, white papers, that kind of thing. I also help to write social media copy for businesses. I've done some editing as well for people. And in regards to how I got into it, I kind of, I don't want to say I fell into it because I wanted to do it for a while. I was, I was working at a company as an admin assistant, kind of in the interim between jobs and I, um, I started to do freelancing on the side and then from there, my first client ended up bringing me on full full time, which you guys know who I'm talking about.

Stacy Jackson: 02:21 That's how we met.