Executive and employee brand advocates can take your business to THE NEXT LEVEL

Ever wonder why some B2B brands seem to be everywhere — people talking about them, doing news stories, winning awards, speaking at conferences? While advertising and good marketing can go a long way, many of these brands have discovered the incredible value of putting a face (or faces) to their brands.

In this week’s episode, VanillaSoft CMO Darryl Praill shares why B2B brands should cultivate executive, as well as other employee brand advocates, to be visible thought leaders who share and speak on behalf of the brand. Everything can’t just come from “the logo.”

Darryl shares:

  • How fear stops people from taking on the role of champion or spokesperson [11:05]
  • Why it’s important for B2B companies to have visible champions and thought-leaders (hint: people like to buy from people they trust) [12:15]
  • His thoughts on entering VanillaSoft as the most public figure for the company and how putting a face out there has changed things for the company [14:55]
  • The importance of leading by example and grooming people to be ready to get on camera or speak and be visible on behalf of the company [18:29]
  • The magic of transforming the company “junk room” into the company’s studio and hiring a media producer [18:40]
  • How you have to build personal rapport and influence with your brand’s audience and how Darryl built his community of sales professionals and influencers when he started with VanillaSoft [23:00]
  • The power of being a bit of a contrarian on social media and video and why you need to have an opinion [26:17]
  • The importance of authenticity and using your personality to shine to build awareness for yourself and the brand [31:30]
  • How his wife helps him shine online [33:07]
  • What qualities and traits do employees need to be a competent and successful public thought-leader [37:20]
  • How powerful it can be to have public-facing spokespeople from a variety of departments — tech, customer success, product marketing, and more — to hit different audiences [38:09]
  • Why you HAVE to get your LinkedIn presence in order before you start looking for your next job [40:46]
  • Why he would never hire you for sales or marketing roles if you aren’t active on LinkedIn [41:48]
  • How to help people rise to the challenge [46:16]
  • Why you can’t put your eggs in one spokesperson’s basket; cultivate multiple, capable people [49:33]
  • Steps he’s taking to prevent over-saturation [50:51]
  • Some of the results that VanillaSoft has seen since amping up executive visibility [52:44]
  • What he would do if he weren’t CMO of VanillaSoft and could do any job in the world [59:34]
  • A little sarcasm at the end because he still can’t believe Stacy edits the show with GarageBand (he’s slowly pushing us to advance our podcasting gear and tech) [64:08]

If you’d like to get in touch with Darryl, connect with him on LinkedIn. He’s always happy to share his thoughts and discuss ideas with others in the sales and marketing community.

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