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In this episode, we’re talking about employee engagement during times of adversity — and let’s face it, we’ve all been dealing with a touch of adversity lately with the COVID-19 pandemic upending things on both personal and professional levels. With all this uncertainty, employee engagement can be a bit precarious. When people aren’t engaged, productivity lags, and sales and marketing efforts can suffer.

Thankfully, we’ve got Jacqueline Throop-Robinson joining us to discuss how to manage employee engagement through adversity. Jacqueline, the founder of Spark Engagement, Inc., has a 30-year career focused on uplifting leaders and inspiring passionate engagement at all levels of an organization. As a best-selling author of Fire Up Your Team: 50 Ways for Leaders to Connect, Collaborate and Create with their Teams, Jacqueline strives to create cultures of passion, productivity, and performance.

During our conversation with Jacqueline, we cover:

  • Employee engagement levels — before and during the pandemic
  • Employee engagement as part of disaster preparedness planning
  • Managing teams and morale during times of uncertainty
  • Applying “lessons learned” during the COVID-19 pandemic to future periods of adversity
  • and more

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