Make Your Business More Social

Jackson Marketing Services can step in anywhere from social media marketing planning to execution and support. Jackson Marketing Services helps brands by improving their online presence and increasing followers through a variety of social media outlets. Let us help you build a social media program that can support your overall marketing efforts.

Improve Awareness & Increase Sales Leads with Social Media Marketing

All too often brands jump into social media marketing and begin using the various platforms as one-way broadcast systems for “look at me” messaging. Or, they construct elaborately gorgeous landing pages that don’t do much more than look good. While your logo may be pretty and your collateral may look stunning, it’s going to take more than good looks to get ahead in the age of social media.

People know that brands on social media are ultimately trying to sell something. However, they appreciate authentic engagement, valuable exchanges, and respect for their time if they decide to spend precious minutes with your brand online. Your social media product is engagement and value exchange. Your customers and prospects pay for that in minutes–not money. That time investment can translate into monetary gains when engagement moves people to purchase.