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Modern SEO and SEM services are about more than keywords and links. 

Get Found in Search

In the modern buyer’s journey, customers are researching brands and vendors before ever reaching out to talk to a sales rep or making a purchase. What’s one of the main ways customers want to find your business? Through online search.

If your site isn’t ranking for terms your prospects use in search, you’ve got some SEO / SEM work to do.


Jackson Marketing, Inc., can help you with search engine optimization and your Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as part of your search engine marketing strategy.

Let’s Build Your Search Engine Strategy

You can hire us to help you improve your existing website’s rankings and organic traffic. But rest assured that search engine optimization is always in mind when we design websites, create content or engage in any digital marketing initiative. As Google continually refines its search algorithms, some old-school SEO techniques have become obsolete or dangerous to your rankings. Search engines want to deliver quality content to searchers. As a result, search optimization and other digital marketing tactics must complement one another.

Search engine optimization isn’t something that just happens on the site itself. It’s also not just about link building or other off-site techniques. The best search engine optimization approach considers both aspects. We will work with you to do both in ways that aren’t spammy and won’t get you penalized.

When you work with us on a search engine optimization services project, we will:
SEO - search engine optimization services

  • Audit your site for on-page and behind the scenes optimization issues
  • Learn about your prospect & stakeholder personas
  • Research your industry and competitors
  • Identify new ranking opportunities you haven’t considered
  • Define content requirements that can support SEO goals
  • Dig into your inbound links and identify new opportunities

As a result of the research we conduct, we will build a search strategy to review with you. Then, we can execute or hand off to your team for execution. To support your ongoing search engine optimization, we will also recommend content marketing and influencer outreach plans to keep your search initiative on track.

Since search quality is so important, let’s get your site and blog ready with great content and best-practice SEO.

Schedule a Consultation

The first step in working together is to discuss your goals. Whether you need a full-blown strategy and execution, expertise in a particular area to fill a skill gap in your marketing team or help on project work, Jackson Marketing, Inc., has the skills to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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