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Does your marketing technology connect you to your data and your customers?

Outsource Your Marketing Technology Management

Have you noticed all the conversations lately about the role of marketing technology?

Sales & marketing practitioners must proactively and quickly respond to the evolving demands, attitudes, and desires of customers and prospects. Technology can make that happen.

Almost every sales & marketing department today is heavily tech-dependent. So it’s important for companies to be proactive with their technology use. Additionally, it’s important to use technology to meet the evolving demands, attitudes, and desires of customers and prospects.

As a result, you may ask yourself: can I afford to hire a technologist for my company? Maybe the better question is: can you afford not to?

Marketing Technology Management – What’s the Buzz?

An article on the Harvard Business Review website defines the chief marketing technologist as one who handles “aligning marketing technology with business goals, serving as a liaison to IT, and evaluating and choosing technology providers. About half are charged with helping craft new digital business models as well.” Maybe your company hasn’t reached the point where you need a technologist. Or maybe you think you can’t make the investment in this position. But, that doesn’t mean you have to wing it. Rather than hiring, you can outsource the marketing technologist role.

Outsource the Technologist Job

Jackson Marketing, Inc,. offers technology management for teams like yours. We provide recommendations, integration, and administration of:

  • marketing automation software
  • email marketing software
  • sales enablement software and CRM
  • Google Analytics and other website analytics tools
  • social media management solutions
  • employee advocacy and influencer marketing platforms
  • content curation solutions
  • marketing data analysis
  • WordPress management and more

Learn more about our experience and how we can help your business leverage sales & marketing technology.

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The first step in working together is to discuss your goals. Whether you need a full-blown strategy and execution, expertise in a particular area to fill a skill gap in your marketing team or help on project work, Jackson Marketing, Inc., has the skills to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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