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In the age of the self-educated buyer, your content should be unique and demonstrate how your brand is different from the competition. Therefore, you need a plan for content creation, distribution, promotion, lead generation and nurturing. That’s where hiring an inbound marketing agency like us can help. We have the expertise to help you get found, drive traffic, and increase leads and sales. Let’s work together to map your content marketing to the buyer’s journey.

3 Key Areas Where Content Can Make A Difference in Inbound Marketing


Prospects in the awareness stage have recognized symptoms of a problem. As a result, they are conducting research to understand, frame, and give a name to the problem.

Since you want to help prospects diagnose their pain points, we’ll create informational and educational content that helps prospects understand their problem. We use proven online marketing techniques to ensure they find the answers on your site.


Prospects in the evaluation stage have a defined problem. So, they are actively evaluating appropriate solutions. It’s important for your content to help them do just that.

We can create content that helps your prospects evaluate your service or solution. Additionally, we’ll work with you to develop lead nurturing campaigns that help convert these prospects to leads.


Your decision stage leads need content that helps them choose the right solution. So, give them content filled with the right details to help them make a purchase decision and say yes.

Because your ultimate goal is more sales and leads, let’s work together to creates case studies, comparison guides, and other product-related content that helps convert prospects into customers.

Content Marketing & Inbound Marketing Work

The right inbound marketing services agency will help you improve awareness, generate traffic, and increase leads and sales. It all starts with the right message at the right time to the right audience. Jackson Marketing, Inc.,  applies a variety of approaches to help you achieve your sales & marketing goals.

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The first step in working together is to discuss your goals. Whether you need a full-blown strategy and execution, expertise in a particular area to fill a skill gap in your marketing team or help on project work, Jackson Marketing, Inc., has the skills to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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