YouTube Playlists and the Benefits to Your Company

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YouTube Playlists and the Benefits to Your Company

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If you have a company YouTube channel, then you should set up YouTube playlists. Setting up YouTube playlists on your company channel has multiple benefits. Playlists make YouTube a little bit easier for you, and provides a sense of order or indicates subject-matter categories to your playlists

Below are a couple of benefits you may not have considered regarding what a playlist can do for your company.

  • SEO – Creating playlists will help you optimize for search. Each playlist can be set up with specific descriptions to increase your SEO juice. The playlist title and description will be extremely important in order for you to benefit. So, be sure to think through these carefully.
  • Grouping – Creating playlists will allow you to group similar videos together based on your services, products, training, etc… This will allow your viewers to easily access additional videos for your company based on their interests.
  • Ordering – Having the ability to order your videos within your playlists can be a big benefit to your viewer’s experience. You can post your most popular videos at the top or your latest. It’s up to you on how you order them. Just think through the order because most people will view the first videos they come across first. So, if they like what they see, then they will view more of your videos.

As you can see, setting up YouTube playlists on your company YouTube channel has its benefits. Your company means a lot to you, and your YouTube channel sends a message. The question is, “what message do you want your channel to send to its viewers?” Once you figure out the message and how you want to relay that messaging through video, then you’ll be able to set up your playlists accordingly.

If you need help managing or setting up YouTube playlists on your company YouTube channel, then let us know and we’d be happy to help!

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