Your Content Marketing Should Alienate (Some) Prospects

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Recently, I attended a webinar presented by Doug Kessler titled Insane Honesty in Content Marketing. If you’re not familiar with Doug Kessler, he’s one of the co-founders of Velocity Partners, a content marketing agency based in the UK. Velocity consistently publishes great resources regarding content marketing, and this webinar is a must-see for B2B marketers.
According to Kessler, insane honesty in content marketing consists of:

Actively seeking out your weaknesses and sharing them openly; an


David Dodd always share such insightful posts on, so I thought I’d share one today with our readers. Be sure to check out his full post (click the above source link).

Today’s post is about how your content marketing should alienate some people. I imagine some people shivered and bristled at that. However, it’s an insanely great point. You want to “alienate” some of the people — they are the ones who don’t want to buy from you. Why even bother making your content marketing so watered down to attract them in the first place? You, of course, don’t want to insult or offend. That’s not the way this type of “alienation” is intended to work.

The key is honesty. If your services are not for everyone, say that. Be focused. You won’t cast as wide a net, but you will be more likely to attract the right types of prospects with this approach.

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