Ugh, I Need Better Blog Post Headlines

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Read this post from CoSchedule to get inspired by the top 0.023% of 4 million+ headline ideas to get the clickthroughs, shares, and search results your blog deserves.

Nearly 5% of all the headlines in this sample contained the word easy, another 4% used you, and 2% contained best. It looks like it works to focus on providing the best possible information to use as easily as possible all while targeting your audience directly in second-person narrative.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to come up with a great post headline. Sometimes it’s tough just to come up with a topic for that matter! CoSchedule has a great post on their site that reveals the secret sauce behind some of the most successful headlines out there. Take a look at their post — not only will it give you great ideas for headlines: it might give you some food for thought on how to structure your next post (maybe even the topic idea itself).

A few interesting findings include:

  • Many of the strong headlines have numbers in them
  • List posts are the most popular (10 ways to XYZ)
  • A large number of these posts had significant social shares from Pinterest — VISUAL CONTENT MATTERS

My favorite part of this CoSchedule post, though, is the headline worksheet provided as a downloadable as well as spelled out in a list at the end of the post.

Read the CoSchedule post and let me know what you found most interesting about the study.

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better blog titles write better headlines

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