What Your B2B Marketing Strategy May be Missing

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What Your B2B Marketing Strategy May be Missing

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If you are in the business-to-business market and want to thrive over the long run, staying updated with the latest trends is vital. Your B2B marketing strategy needs to focus on what your prospects want and the type of service they expect when they make a buying decision. In our technology-driven world, B2B clients are taking on the mindset of average consumers.

In other words, they take the time to self-educate before making a decision, and they won’t move forward without comparing their options. With these facts in mind, you might think getting new prospects and leads is harder than before, but it’s not. The right mindset and a little determination will help you reach your goals. Although it is not more challenging, the B2B marketing landscape is different from how it was just a few years ago.

As long as your B2B marketing strategy is not missing any of the following key elements, you have nothing to fear. Your company will continue generating sales and maintaining a favorable profit margin. As you review these tips, consider the changes you should make to the way you approach your marketing plan.


You will throw a lot of money away if you don’t connect with your prospects on more than one channel. Since at least 81 percent of Americans use various social media sites, creating profiles for your B2B marketing plan is a smart step in the right direction.

[bctt tweet=”You will throw a lot of money away if you don’t connect with your #prospects on more than one channel. #omnichannel #digitalmarketing” username=”alanna_jax @jacksonmktginc”]

Not only do your prospects want to find you on multiple channels, but they also expect the same level of service on each one. Always watch how people respond to your posts so that you can decide if your method is working. If you are like other B2B companies, you don’t know where you should start. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few of the platforms you want to consider if your goal is to keep your business on track.

Using social platforms lets you put your name and logo in front of your prospects, improving your branding. Sharing information, offering tools and providing other free solutions is a powerful way to enhance your results and get the attention you need to reach your objectives.


If you are not taking advantage of chatbots, you should start so that you won’t fall behind. According to The 2018 State of Chatbots Report, 37 percent of respondents said they would use a chatbot in an emergency, and 35 percent said they have used chatbots to resolve customer service issues or to get detailed answers or explanations. The idea is to give your customers answers as soon as they want them, but the use of chatbots is also about creating an engaging experience for your prospects.

[bctt tweet=”The idea is to give your customers answers as soon as they want them, but the use of #chatbots is also about creating an engaging experience for your #prospects. #CX” username=”alanna_jax @jacksonmktginc”]

In addition to answering questions and providing support, chatbots can give directions, set up demonstrations, schedule meetings and more. Take this tip to a whole new level by making your chatbot offer something fun or exciting to your prospects. Implement tools that craft a unique experience based on each prospect’s needs and goals, and the outcome will make you smile.

positive reviewsPositive Reviews

You could have the best products and services ever created, but you can’t hope for the best possible results unless you have enough positive reviews. Smartphones make it easy for business owners and leaders to research a company before they decide what to do. If you lack positive reviews, a lot of prospects will overlook you in favor of the competition, and you can’t afford to fall into that trap. Putting in an effort to earn reviews is worth it when you consider that 88 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal friend’s recommendation.

You should also know that people are much more likely to leave bad reviews than positive ones, but you can combat that problem. Asking happy customers to leave honest feedback can work wonders to improve your online image. You can even automate the process by asking for reviews in your email receipts.

[bctt tweet=”People are much more likely to leave bad #reviews than positive ones, but you can combat that problem. #customerreviews #B2Bmarketing” username=”alanna_jax @jacksonmktginc”]

Capterra and G2 Crowd are great resources you don’t want to ignore. If you still need other solutions to help you earn reviews, invite your customers to offer their thoughts on Google. The key is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to provide feedback. If you have never used this approach to enhance your marketing effort, you will be thrilled when you see the effect it will have on your bottom line.


For more than a decade, text content was the king of the marketing world, giving business owners and marketers a powerful way to establish themselves as experts. However, people have been turning to videos to get the information they need over the past few years, and you don’t want to look the other way. Because people spend one-third of their time online watching videos, you need a video marketing strategy if you don’t already have one.

[bctt tweet=”Encourage your executives to post short videos on #LinkedIn to get your message in front of the right people. #Video #B2Bmarketing” username=”alanna_jax @jacksonmktginc”]

Encourage your executives to post short videos on LinkedIn to get your message in front of the right people at the perfect time. You don’t have to create long videos all the time. In fact, short videos that get right to the point perform the best. When you use videos to communicate with your prospects, you must grab their attention in the first 10 seconds, or they will walk away. Check out this post from VanillaSoft, Does Video in Sales Really Impact the Sales Process?, to get some more stats and useful info on using video.

Final Thoughts on B2B Marketing Strategy

Rather than remaining static, the B2B world will always change and evolve. Some people get so attached to their way of doing things that they refuse to adapt to the market, and that mistake is often fatal. Looking at the market with an objective eye is the No. 1 factor that will keep you ahead of the competition and allow you to stand out from the rest.

Right now, your B2B prospects would like to do research and have more than one way to stay in touch with you, and you need to give them what they want. Adding these elements to your sales strategy might take a little time when you first begin, but the rewards justify your dedication.

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