What I Learned About Guest Posting From Blogging at Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, and Mashable

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I am I’ve had my content featured all over the web, ranging from sites like Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine to niche blogs like Copyblogger and Sea

Source: www.quicksprout.com

I am a fan of the QuickSprout blog and the great content that Neil Patel shares with readers. This week he shares the lessons he has learned through his numerous guest blogging experiences.  He covers:

  1. Importance of relevancy
  2. Need for consistency
  3. Choices based on engagement
  4. Duty to participate
  5. Forgetting about guest posting for SEO
  6. Selecting the site where you will be in good company
  7. Posting on partner sites

Check out Neil’s full post to get the benefit of his experience before you start your guest posting campaign.

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