Welcome to The B2B Mix Show

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Welcome to The B2B Mix Show
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April 28, 2019

Season 1, Episode 11

Podcast Rebrand

We mentioned the possibility in episode 10. In episode 11, we did it! We changed our name. This short episode talks about what’s next for The B2B Mix Show.

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We talked about it in the lessons learned episode (episode 10). Now we’ve done it! We’ve renamed the podcast. This week’s episode is a quick one to tell you:

  1. Why we renamed the show to The B2B Mix Show
  2. Two upcoming episodes featuring special guests
  3. And a plethora of topics we plan to cover in the coming weeks

Welcome to The B2B Mix Podcast!

Read the Transcript for Season 1, Episode 11

Alanna Jackson: Welcome to the B2B Mix Show with Alanna and Stacy. Each week, we’ll bring . . .

Stacy Jackson: Wait. What?

Alanna Jackson: What do you mean, “what?” It’s The B2B Mix Show.

Stacy Jackson: Am I on the wrong podcast?

Alanna Jackson: No, you dummy, this is the rebranding episode!

Stacy Jackson: Oh, yeah! Rebrand!

Alanna Jackson: Even the dogs are excited about this one.

Stacy Jackson: Right?

So Alanna, what do we do on this new B2B Mix Show? Is it like the old show that shall not be named?

Alanna Jackson: Why, yes, it is. Almost exactly the same as the other show. So . . .

Welcome to the B2B Mix Show with Alanna and Stacy. Each week, we’ll bring you ideas that you can implement in your own marketing strategy. We’ll share what we know, as well as advice from industry experts, some of whom will join us from time to time here on the show.

Are you ready to mix it up? Let’s get started.

Stacy Jackson: I’m ready to mix it up. But first, let’s go to break then we’ll mix it up after the break.


Alanna Jackson: Okay, folks we are back. So, Stacy, talk to me. Why did we change the name of our show from the Marketing Mix to The B2B Mix Show?

Stacy Jackson: First and foremost, you know, “marketing mix” is fun, but it’s also a generic term. Other people have used it in the past, and there’s even a show now that we had not found in our original research using it.

So, we just wanted to be able to stand out from the pack and not blend in with everybody else. So, we wanted to make sure that our name was different and — not different in a weird and wild way — but just different from what other people are using right now in B2B marketing and to clearly say to our audience, “hey, we’re talking about B2B marketing and sales on this podcast.”

Alanna Jackson: Yeah, so as an agency, I think it’s important for us to talk about topics that aren’t just related to marketing but also sales and marketing.

Stacy Jackson: So, Alanna, know why don’t we tell our listeners what some of the upcoming topics that we have planned or at least that we’d like to dig into are.

One of our upcoming guests, or actually, it’ll be two guests from Blacksmith Applications. The marketing team will be joining us to talk about the role of print in their content marketing strategy, and I think that’s pretty cool and exciting.

Their magazine — they do a magazine for their audience, and it’s really nice looking. It looks great. It’s very professional and they’re kind of going against the tide. Everybody says print is dead, but hey, none of their competitors are doing a magazine, so this is one way that can really stand out as thought leaders in their space.

What’s our next guest who’s coming up going to be talking about, Alanna?

Alanna Jackson: We’ve also got Liam Martin from Time Doctor, who also last year ran the biggest remote worker conference. And he’s going to be sharing some information about event marketing and how they promoted that conference, and you’ll get some really good ideas on how to promote an event and really dig into your event marketing process and give you some good ideas on moving forward.

If you have something that you need to promote like an event or get some speakers for something that’s coming up and just how to really get some big reach out there to promote something like that.

Stacy Jackson: Yeah, I saw his blog on it; it’s a lot of stuff, so I can’t wait to dig into that with him.

Some other topics that we haven’t necessarily lined up guests yet, but we really want to get into . . .  the first one is social selling versus social media marketing. Now with our client VanillaSoft — if you’ve listened to our other [episode], you know they’re our customer. They’ve had a lot of conversations about this, so hopefully — knock on wood — we can talk to one of them or someone that we’ve met through the work we’ve done with them to really get some great information for people to help them understand where does the sales role end and the marketing role begin and vice versa.

Alanna Jackson: Yeah. I was going to say that I know somebody who feels very strongly that social selling is actually social marketing, and I think you know who that is. Another topic that this person would be very great at talking about is marketing holding sales accountable.

He’s been talking about that a lot lately at different conferences, and it’s really a topic that has kind of been shied away from in the past, but I think it’s now time to go full on with it. And yeah, let’s hold them accountable. Each should be holding each other accountable.

Stacy Jackson: Another topic that we’d really love the opportunity to talk about is sales enablement and the content required for that.

So, what does marketing bring to the table when it comes to sales enablement content? And what does the sales team need from marketing when it comes to content creation.

Alanna Jackson: And that’s when those conversations really need to take place, so that marketing understands what it is that sales needs because a lot of times you’ll hear salespeople say, “Well, that’s just generic content, or I can’t use the content that marketing puts out.”

So, I think that will be a good topic to dig into.

We’re also going to talk about chatbots and compliance with new laws and Facebook Messenger marketing and all the different things that go into that and how engaging with your prospect has really changed over the past few years, and chatbots are a huge part of that.

Stacy Jackson: Yeah, and the interesting thing about chat pots and even tools like Conversica where it’s a virtual SDR, in some states, you have to disclose if it’s a chatbot, not a real person. So, that could be a really interesting discussion, and I have somebody in mind that I want to invite to that conversation, but we’ll see. I don’t want to make any announcements yet.

Another thing that will be a fun topic — we have a few writers that I have in mind that I’d like to invite to the show to talk to them about because we’re asked and sometimes we bring on writers to help us write things blog post white papers, whatever for our clients and what should we be doing and what should clients be doing to ensure they get the best finished product from a writer. Are you giving writers what they need when you give them an assignment?

I think that’s an important topic to cover.

Alanna Jackson: I would bet that most people do not give the writer what they need to really go forth. A lot of times, we just get a topic and we go with it, right? And that’s not always the best way to work with your writers.

And we’re also going to be talking about email marketing and maybe some do’s and don’ts and how you can get better results with your email marketing, and I think that’ll be something that will be good because . . . .  It’s funny when we post something about email marketing — “how to get responses on your emails,” those are pretty. . . . What’s the word I’m looking for?

Stacy Jackson: Popular?

Alanna Jackson: Yes, thank you. They’re pretty popular and people really want to know how the heck they can get responses, so I think that’ll be a good topic as well.

Stacy Jackson: Another really important or interesting area that I’d like to cover in an upcoming episode is the power of social media contest and how tools like Wishpond, Woobox, ShortStack can help even B2B companies generate leads from promotions, whether it’s giveaways skills contest or other things that might help with creating user-generated content or leads through the entry process.

Alanna Jackson: I think that one will be a fun one because everybody likes to get free stuff, and contests are just a fun way to engage with your audience. And I think those will be some interesting ideas that we might get out of it and some feedback as well. So I look forward to that one.

Another topic that would be good is influencer marketing, and I’m not talking about getting the Kardashians to do some influencer marketing for your B2B company because they just don’t go together.

We’re talking about influencers in the B2B space and not celebrity-type people, so that’ll be a good one because we’ve also seen how influencer marketing can really impact some of the things that you’re doing and generate more leads like for webinars and different things like that or just downloads. So, that will be a very interesting one that I think a lot of people will want to know more about.

Stacy Jackson: This next topic that I’m really passionate about and I know you are too, Alanna, and hopefully we could get a guest on to help us spread the good word: employee advocacy. And this goes along with your influencer marketing because some of your micro influencers maybe people working at your company right now.

They could be very well connected in your industry, so you’ve got to take advantage and leverage those connections and make the most of their pride in working for your company.

Alanna Jackson: Yes. I am a big fan of employee advocacy, and I drive some clients crazy talking about it. So, I am excited for that one, and we’ll make sure to send the recording to everyone that we think should be doing it.

Stacy Jackson: Hey, Lane. Can I give a couple more especially for our B2B technology companies?

A couple of others that we have in mind are getting an expert on to talk about how you can get in front of analysts if you’re not sure how to go about doing that. And we’re going to see if we can get someone from a review site to help us inform people how they can get their bad reviews turned around and make the most out of that paid placement that you might have on a tool like Capterra or G2.

I’m not promising either of those will come on, but we’re going to see who we can get to come on and talk to us.

Alanna Jackson: So, those are some of the upcoming ideas and topics that we’re going to be focusing on over the next multiple weeks, I guess. We are excited about all the opportunities and topics that are going to be coming our way.

If you have any ideas or topics that you’d love to hear about, send them to us. We want to hear them, and we want to talk about them.

All right. So if you want to send us your ideas, you can reach us at @Stacy_Jax and that is on Twitter, and you can also reach me at @Alanna_Jax. You can always reach us at both on LinkedIn just look up our names.

We hope that you enjoyed the show, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t forget guys. If you want to talk to us and leave a voicemail. You can do that on the anchor app. Just download it to your Android or Apple iPhone.

The B2B Mix Show is hosted by Stacy Jackson and Alanna Jackson of, you guessed it, Jackson Marketing. If you need help with your B2B inbound marketing efforts visit us at jacksonmarketingservices.com.

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