Top 3 Digital Marketing Reads Week Ending January 22, 2016

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Post: When Is The Best Time To Publish Blog Posts?

Author: Garrett Moon

In this post on CoSchedule blog, Garrett Moon shares the best times of day to publish based on what you want to accomplish. He presents data from a several different studies to help us understand:

  • The best time to publish for traffic, comments, and links
  • The best time for maximizing social reach
  • The best time for increasing social shares and pageviews
  • The best time to publish for going viral

Moon goes on to share how to use Google Analytics to figure out when your best times for publishing are.  Check out his post to get the full scoop!

Creating the Right Marketing Mix – Whiteboard Friday

Author: Rand Fishkin

I always enjoy Rand Fishkin and his Whiteboard Friday videos. This past week’s video is focused on ensuring you have the right marketing mix.

Read the Transcript

So What Is Brand Journalism Anyway?

Author: Stacy Jackson

On my own blog this week,, I published a post on brand journalism. In it I cover:

  • What is brand journalism?
  • What is brand journalism’s purpose?
  • Examples of B2C and B2B brand journalism
  • How it’s different from content marketing

Check it out and let me know what you think. Are you using brand journalism in your business?

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