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We’ve got another cool #ToolTip for you this week! Lead Liaison is a marketing automation software tool. It’s great for your marketing and sales teams. There are so many different things this tool can do, but today I’m going to focus on the Social Append App.

If you’re focused on social selling as part of your sales and marketing strategy, then this is the perfect app to help you connect more easily with your customers and prospects. As you know, the buyer’s journey has changed, and social has become a big part of the path to the buyer. The problem is that it can be time-consuming and frustrating at times trying to find someone’s social profiles. This app does the work for you!

Why Social Selling is Important

Buyers have embraced using social and digital channels to obtain the information they need during the buying process. Connecting and engaging with your prospects on social channels will give you an edge on the competition. So, it’s essential that you’re providing your prospects with useful information to help them make an informed decision. Therefore, it’s important to connect with them on various social platforms.

“62.9% of sales professionals report that Social Selling has become important for closing new deals.” (Source: Hubspot)

“Salespeople who rely on social selling platforms are 51% more likely to hit their quotas.” (Source: Forbes)

How the Social Append App Helps

Lead Liaison’s Social Append app helps you to be more sociable with your target audience by providing an inside look into your prospects interests, location, and more. Using social intelligence, the system gathers demographic data about your leads by analyzing their social media profiles. It provides a direct link to their network profiles (if available) so that you can easily connect with them. Having access to this information will help you further refine your social media campaigns and it opens up opportunities to engage with your prospects that you might not have previously had.

By getting to know your prospects, you are able to connect with them on a more friendly level in your sales strategy. Social sales activities really come down to developing relationships and this app is a useful tool to help you achieve that goal.

Here’s how it works

Lead Liaison uses a Prospect’s email address to search over 110 social networks, based on what’s been enabled, and adds the social intelligence to the Prospect’s Profile. As long as the settings are enabled by your Lead Liaison Admin a person’s social profile will load while loading the Prospect Profile page.

The default photo will always be the person’s LinkedIn photo if it is available.

Lead Liaison - Social Append


Click the “Show Details” link next to the “Social Profile Details” section to see more details.

social profile


If you’re interested in learning more about Lead Liaison and how their sales and marketing automation tool can help you, contact us for more information. We are partners with Lead Liaison and would love to help you with your marketing technology needs.

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