This Looks Like a Job for Buyer Personas!

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My guess is that if you’re reading this post, you already have an idea of what buyer personas are. Just in case you aren’t sure, here’s a definition from Hubspot to help clear things up: they are “semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.”

Hubspot takes the definition a little further by also explaining what they aren’t. This is a helpful clarification, too. Personas are not job titles. They aren’t specific markets. Personas aren’t dependent on specific software or technology. They also aren’t particular, actual people.

Now that we know what buyer personas are (and aren’t), the question is: what can you do with them? Lots of things!

5 Things You Can Do With Buyer Personas

1. Use personas to get your company aligned around your ideal customer. 

If your employees don’t understand who your target, ideal customers are, how can they serve them well? When you personalize the customer to your team, you give them something — someone — to consider as they do their work. Does what I’m doing meet the needs of our ideal customer?

2. Tweak your brand to meet the expectations of decision makers.

A well-developed persona will help you understand the type of traits your ideal customers have. If they are serious and traditional, your brand may need a little refresh if it doesn’t fit the buyer. If they are modern and trendy, you may need an overhaul. Doing your research can help you enhance your brand to attract your desired customers.

3. Develop content marketing and promotional strategies that meet buyer needs.

A well-defined persona helps you understand what messaging and channels will attract qualified leads. You will know their pain points, what obstacles they face, the help they need, and where they typically go to look for it. Your inbound marketing and content marketing initiatives will improve when you use personas to guide your plans.

4. Prepare your sales team for more productive conversations.

When you take the time to put together a solid persona, you give your salespeople a strong foundation. It provides sales with a baseline understanding of their audience. Buyer persona research will also make it easier for your team to perform social selling activities. You’ll be able to give them ideas about the best places to network for qualified leads based on your research. You’ll also be able to arm sales with information that’s important to your buyers.

5. Improve product and service development.

When you hand over a thorough persona profile to your product management and development team, you are giving them power to better meet customer needs. If this group of people doesn’t understand the customer, then how can they build the right offering for them?

2 Tools to Help You Create Buyer Personas

If you haven’t yet built persona profiles for your company, you don’t have to go all in at once. Approach this project with baby steps if you find the process overwhelming. Luckily, there are some cool tools to help you get started.

UserForge – A simple tool for collaborative user persona development

Create realistic representations of your user groups in far less clicks than it would take using design software or word processors, which means you can start prioritizing design decisions and get to the wins sooner.

Create a Buyer Persona, MakeMyPersona | HubSpot

Need help making your persona? This step-by-step wizard will guide you through the process of creating your own personalised buyer persona.

Once you take the time to document the initial observations about your personas, then you can take it to the next level. Map their buying journey. Create promotional strategies around their preferences. You’ll see just much more effective your content marketing strategy will be when you use buyer personas in your strategy.

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