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Disclosure: we have placed some referral links/banners in the post. We do get rewarded with a discount on our subscription if you sign up based on a referral from us, but we also really do use and love CoSchedule. We love it so much, here’s a link without any referral code on it…(Read More)

Before you check out mentally for the weekend, check out these articles we found that are great reads! Instagram is about to change in a huge way (Buffer Social) Facebook did it and now Instagram is changing the way you see your feed on Instagram. The photo and video sharing app is testing an algorithm…(Read More)

Marketing Technologist

The chief marketing technologist role is becoming more and more important in the overall marketing planning process. Marketing tools and techniques are constantly evolving, so it’s important to ensure you have the right person and team in place to stay on top of it all and keep things aligned and on track. It’s…(Read More)

It’s time for our weekly roundup of some of our favorite articles from this week! Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Our 13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips Ever! (WordStream) There are multiple social media platforms and multitude of ways to promote on social media. WordStream has put together a list…(Read More)

Today’s marketers are faced with a multitude of new and changing online marketing opportunities. It can sometimes be overwhelming at the number of online tools available to help you improve your marketing process. Most marketing technologists need and want marketing automation, but don’t really know where to start looking or what to really…(Read More)

Looking for those great articles from the week that make you say “Yeehaw!”? Well, here are some of our favorite reads from this week! Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. How to Automate Social Media Lead Generation and Engagement (Small Business Trends) This article discusses the importance of automating your social media…(Read More)

Is video part of your content marketing efforts? More importantly, is video content on YouTube part of your content marketing efforts? If not, you should consider the benefits YouTube offers. Most people do not realize the benefits it can bring to their businesses.  If you’re not promoting your business and sharing informational and educational…(Read More)

social media trends for 2016

I’ve harped on it before, as you know from my prior blog posts on the growth of social media, but I figure it would be nice to share another voice on the topic of social media marketing and social technology in business: Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. Check out this quote from his recent article…(Read More)

curate content

Read this post from CoSchedule to get inspired by the top 0.023% of 4 million+ headline ideas to get the clickthroughs, shares, and search results your blog deserves. Nearly 5% of all the headlines in this sample contained the word easy, another 4% used you, and 2% contained best. It looks like it works…(Read More)

damage your online reputation

Maybe you reach for an antacid. Perhaps you mutter a few expletives. You may even feel like bursting into tears or burying your head in the sand. But, you’ve got to deal with it — that negative comment posted online about your business or product/service.Source: www.linkedin.comNegative comments — hard to face…(Read More)