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Social media has changed more than the world of marketing. It’s the place many of us have become conditioned to go when we have a bad experience or face a problem with a product or service. Some will to go the brand itself on social to complain while others just post their displeasure to the world in general. It can present a major headache if you aren’t using a social media dashboard effectively to manage social customer service.


If you aren’t on social media for marketing purposes yet, you have to at least consider joining the major platforms to monitor for customer complaints and compliments. Many people are now conditioned to take their frustrations straight to social media. If you aren’t there to know what they are saying, you can’t transform a negative into a positive experience through great customer service.

Consider getting yourself — and maybe another team member or two — on a solid social media platform so you can begin monitoring for customer complaints. Reach out to those who may be unhappy about a recent experience, and work to solve that issue. Listen, too, for customer compliments and share those over social media to amplify those positive sentiments.

As a Hootsuite Ambassador and Hootsuite Solution Partner, I obviously recommend Hootsuite Pro, but you can choose the platform that’s best for you and your needs.

Are you handling customer service through social media?

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