Seeing a Big Spike in Referral Traffic? It Might Be Referrer Spam.

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All of your traffic in Google Analytics may not be real. Take time to to dig in and see if you are getting referral spam.

Are you enjoying surprising spikes in your traffic? Have you giddily logged into Google Analytics to see what’s causing it? I hope you didn’t simply stop at the Default Channels Report. If you see it’s your referral traffic driving up those numbers, you’ve got to dig deeper to see what sites are referring traffic. However, you should NOT VISIT any sites that look like odd referrers just in case there is malware there.

Referral and ghost spam is making some site owners go crazy. Their data is totally skewed. Check out this site I manage when I created an advanced segment in Google Analytics to back out the garbage:

referral spam

Check out the referral spam hitting a site we manage! Not cool.

To help you address this bad traffic, I’ve compiled a list of referral spam resources. Check them out, and add your recommendations to my list below!

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