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Top salespeople and entrepreneurs know about trigger events. They are those events and behaviors that signify sales opportunities. The types of trigger events that salespeople watch for include both external and internal events such as:

  • A new company direction (internal)
  • Mergers and acquisitions (internal)
  • Eco-friendly initiatives (internal)
  • Layoffs or rapid growth (internal)
  • Industry regulations (external)
  • New legislation (external)
  • Natural and man-made disasters (external)
  • Economic trends (external)
  • Social/cultural trends (external)

Any one of the above situations can signal an opportunity for a smart salesperson with the right solution to meet the changes brought on by a trigger event. All of these trigger events are things that salespeople can monitor for using a variety of different tools, including:

  • HootSuite to listen in on social media conversations to where trigger events may be discussed. (disclosure: we are a HootSuite Solutions Partner)
  • Google Alerts lets you set up an email alert any time a certain keyword or phrase is mentioned.
  • is similar to Google Alerts – they describe themselves as “Google Alerts on steroids.”
  • Local news sites like, your local paper, etc., to understand the local economy, politics, and events.
  • Major news sites and magazines to monitor the economy, politics, and national and global affairs.

But What About “On Website” Trigger Events?

Where many sales professionals miss out is when it comes to “on website” trigger events. Think about this statistic from “Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.” If you aren’t able to quickly identify and react to your online prospects, your sales team is at a disadvantage. The answer is the implementation of a great marketing automation tool.

Without marketing automation in place, a salesperson won’t necessarily know when a prospect has opened his or her email, clicked through to a landing page, read a white paper, viewed a video, etc. Even with marketing automation in place, there’s no guarantee that you have the right one in place for your sales team.

Marketing Automation that Works for Sales

At Jackson Marketing Services, we offer managed marketing automation as a service. Our platform of choice is Lead Liaison because it takes the role of the sales person into account in a way that some of its competitors don’t. Two of my favorite sales-friendly modules are Lead Distribution and Sparks.

With Lead Distribution, you can respond to leads more quickly and beat your competition when it comes to lead follow up. Lead Liaison’s lead distribution software lets us distribute leads based on custom criteria in real time. We can work with clients to . . .

  • Send real-time alerts when hot leads need to be distributed (text message, email)
  • Send tasks for sales to follow up with leads
  • Create criteria and assign lead ownership based on that pre-established criteria

lead distribution marketing automation

My other favorite sales-friendly module, Sparks, uses real-time events to trigger a series of actions. With Sparks, I can set up all kinds of cool sales rep alerts coupled with prospect-based responses based on prospects’ on-site behaviors. Here are just a few examples:

  • When someone clicks a link in an email, the system can send an alert to the Lead Owner and create a task in the client’s CRM.
  • When someone visits the client’s pricing page, Lead Liaison can send the visitor an email with the appropriate sales rep’s contact information.
  • When someone submits a web form, the system can send that prospect more information and distribute the lead to the client’s sales team.

sparks trigger events

If you still haven’t bought into the whole marketing automation craze, just remember this: “Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.” (The Annuitas Group) Take the time to check out Lead Liaison. It provides lots of great options for putting your sales and marketing team on the same page in the lead management process.

If you are looking for support implementing and managing a marketing automation solution for your business, contact us to discuss your needs!


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