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8 Pro Tips for Adding Marketing Videos to Your B2B Strategy

Written by Alanna Jackson

Feb 4, 2019

February 4, 2019

Try Video to Stand Out

When it comes to B2B marketing, getting noticed is challenging. Over four million blog posts were written today. Over 56 million photos were uploaded to Instagram.

How do you stand out in a sea of posts? A blog helps bump your rankings in the search engines. But video content takes you to the next level.

Get ahead with the addition of marketing videos to your blog and website. Read on for more information.

The Power of Videos in Marketing

When it comes to B2B marketing, getting noticed is challenging. Over four million blog posts were written today. Over 56 million photos were uploaded to Instagram.

How do you stand out in a sea of posts? A blog helps bump your rankings in the search engines. But video content takes you to the next level.

Get ahead with the addition of marketing videos to your blog and website. Read on for more information.

1. Video Content Is King

Compelling content is key. Your videos should look great, but good content is crucial.

Always offer something valuable to your target customer. Not sure who your target customer is? Do some research.

Figure out who buys your products or services. Define your “buyer persona.” If you market to everyone, then you’re marketing to no one. Create content that fits your buyer.

Optimize your content. Use strategic keywords in the video content and title. Include them in your video description and tags too.

2. Use YouTube

Upload your videos to YouTube — this online platform gets over one billion users a month. And those users search for content relevant to their situation. If your content is on Youtube, it’s getting exposure.

And if your video goes viral, it’s possible that billions of users will see it!

3. Solve Your Client’s Problems

Your client has a problem to solve. If you solve it, you’ll gain their trust and business.

Maybe you sell applicant tracking software. Offer short videos that tackle problems that HR  and recruitment specialists face in the war for talent.

Talk to your audience about the importance of social media when it comes to recruiting. Give them tips about how to use LinkedIn and other services to connect with the right candidates. Don’t worry about giving away valuable information. Maybe the information you offer helps them understand the importance of social media when it comes to talent acquisition, but when it comes to the big picture — why they need a full-scale applicant tracking system — they’ll call you.

Offering good information builds trust and that leads to emotional connections. Speaking of emotional connections…

4. Make Emotional Connections

People like clever marketing. They also value emotional connection. Showcase your company’s culture and turn your clients into fans.

Videos are great for showing instead of telling. Don’t just talk about your products. Show customers what your brand stands for.

How do you build emotional connections? By sharing your humanity.

Does your company take part in building Habitat for Humanity houses? Do a time-lapse video of one of your projects.

This shows your market that there’s more to your company than profits. Some people buy a product because of the mission behind it. Provide a virtual experience, not a talking-head message.

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5. Demonstrate Professionalism

Make your online presence professional. If you don’t have the funds for a professional videographer, that’s okay. But that’s not an excuse for poorly-executed videos.

If your videos are amateurish, people won’t watch. You’ll need a decent camera and good lighting. Learn basic editing skills. Don’t leave empty space at the beginning or end of your video clips.

Don’t use your camera’s microphone. If people can’t hear your video, they’ll move on to the next one. Use a lavalier microphone that plugs into the camera for better sound.

There are lots of great tools available for video creation. And you don’t need to be a film school graduate to use them.

Try a cloud-based program like Animoto for easy video creation.

6. Study the Competition’s Approach to Video

Research your competition and see what’s trending. There are millions of videos on the Internet. Why would someone watch your video?

Pay attention to viral videos. These are the videos with thousands of views.

What makes the video good? Humor is often a key ingredient. Using it in your videos is good — but make sure your humor isn’t offensive.

study the competitions' videos

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7. Strategize How to Incorporate Video

Many companies make a lot of random blog posts and video content. They’re thinking up content on a day-to-day basis. That’s a bad idea.

You need a content strategy. If you want your videos seen, post them in updates on social media.

Create a 12-month content calendar. (Do this regardless of whether or not you are creating videos.) Just remember to choose quality over quantity.

Make a few high-quality videos at first. Once you get the hang of video creation, you can make more.

There are lots of great video content ideas for you to consider:

  • A small snippet of “behind the scenes” at work
  • Customer testimonials
  • Interviews with the executives
  • How-to videos

Remember, attention spans are short. Keep your videos shorter than 10 minutes, but five minutes or less is even better.

8. Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Always include a call to action at the end of your video. Make it an unobtrusive but easy-to-find link to your website; include a phone number if possible.

Make your action clear. You want a prompt response from your viewers. The action is usually to click a link to your website; the link usually leads to a product page, but it can link to a video or blog post as well.

Include your website link in your video description. At the end of your video, show your link and leave it for a few seconds.

video call to action

Use Marketing Videos for Success

It’s not easy to stand out in a crowded field. But with a good marketing strategy and thoughtful marketing videos, you can do it. Use valuable and enticing content and upload your videos to and your website.

Complement your videos with relevant blog posts and social media content. Research your competition and stay ahead of the trends. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable and make emotional connections.

If you don’t have the budget for professional videographers, don’t let that stop you. Use available apps and tools and create quality videos yourself. And don’t forget your call to action.

Speaking of calls to action . . . check out our guide for small content teams. Click below!


So what eight things should you be doing when it comes to video?

  1. Recognize that video content is now king.
  2. Use YouTube.
  3. Solve your clients’ problems with video.
  4. Make emotional connections with video.
  5. Create videos that demonstrate your professionalism.
  6. Research what your competitors are doing with video.
  7. Don’t be random with your efforts – strategize.
  8. Add calls to action.


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