Organizing Your Twitter and Facebook Contacts & Groups

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Organizing Your Twitter and Facebook Contacts & Groups

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It’s easy for your social media accounts to become an unorganized crowd of fans, followers, and connections. However, you should take steps to get your social media contacts organized to meaningful groups. This will make it a lot easier for you to ensure your updates reach the right followers at the right time on each social media platform.

Here are just a few ways you can categorize your contacts on Twitter and Facebook:

  • customers,
  • associates,
  • friends,
  • industry segments, etc.

And, each of those categories can be further divided into specific lists like customers of a certain age or friends from a certain time of your life. When you don’t take time to organize your lists, you’re likely to end up sending messages to contacts that they find irrelevant. They may begin tuning you out — that’s not good for your social media marketing and social selling efforts.

Luckily, it’s easy to manage your contacts on each of the major social media channels.


Twitter has two great ways to organize contacts: lists and hashtags. Your account comes with up to 1000 lists and you can choose a theme for each one. However, you shouldn’t need 1000 lists. Use as few lists as possible so that it’s manageable — but have enough lists to keep your contacts appropriately segmented. Check out the video below to see how to quickly create a list on Twitter.

Hashtags are the second way to organize your activity on Twitter. You don’t necessarily organize contacts using hashtags, but hashtags can be a great way to find new potential people and businesses to engage with. Hashtags are simply words or phrases that start with the hash symbol, #. An example of a hashtag is #TwitterTips. By using a hashtags on your updates, you create a category of posts that your contacts can subscribe to (saved search) and follow. Also, you can easily search for those hashtags to see who else is talking about that subject.


Facebook offers both lists and groups. Your profile gives you the option of creating a list right under your news feed. First, you name the list, and then you select the contacts you’d like to put into it. Whenever you want to use that list, you can click on the list name on the left-hand sidebar and your feed will change so that you only see messages from that list. You can also choose a specific list to send a message to.


facebook friends lists

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Facebook lists

Set up your list by clicking the Create List button. Name your list, and start adding contacts.


For groups, there’s a bit more involved. You have to create the group and then invite people to join. You’ll find the tab for creating groups on the lower part of the left-hand sidebar.

What about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn used to allow you to tag your contacts, but now you have to upgrade to a Sales Navigator or Recruiter plan for similar functionality.

Tidy Up Your Profiles

Yeah. Cleaning up is a drag, but you’ll be happy that you tidied up your contacts in the long run. It makes things a lot easier if you want to use your social media accounts for business.

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