Online Marketing Lesson: Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

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As the Google+ we knew splits up, what’s the lesson learned? Don’t put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket, advises columnist Travis Wright.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: don’t depend on a single social media platforms as your gateway to the world. While you probably aren’t an avid Google+ user (relatively few people are), imagine what would happen if Google+ were your preferred platform. Bam! Google swoops in and messes up a good thing for you — and they have every right to since it’s their property.

It’s so very important that businesses and marketers — especially small businesses — stop looking at Facebook or other social networks as a primary communication vehicle or website replacement. The rules change all the time. Facebook is as big as ever, but the ability for a business to reach customers and prospects is pretty much ZERO unless you want to pay to advertise on the platform.

Stop Confusing Message with Medium

  • Own your message and the site that houses it. Write it up/video it/photograph it and give it a home on your own domain.
  • Use social media for what it is . It’s a means for sharing your message and engaging with people. You can use it while it’s there.
  • Go old school. Email is middle age. Direct mail and sales cold calls are ancient. Regardless, they can and do still work.
  • Test the waters.  You may love your existing social platform of choice, but always be checking out new routes to your customers. There will be a day when that network no longer works for you. Keep your eyes and mind open.

How do Google’s changes affect you? Does this make you reconsider your current social media strategy?

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