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Twitter lists

Minimize the Twitter Chaos with Lists


Small to mid-sized businesses have many employees that wear different hats. Being responsible for multiple jobs can sometimes make you feel like you’re drowning. Social media management is typically one of those hats that someone wears that they may not have a lot of time for. So, here’s a little tip to help you get a better handle on your Twitter feed and making it a bit more easy to engage with the right people and companies on Twitter. Twitter lists are a great way to make your Twitter engagements manageable.

If you didn’t know there was such a thing as Twitter lists or wondered what they are, then you need to watch this short video. It will help you understand the purpose of using lists on Twitter and how it will help you to narrow down your audience to those that matter most.

When there is too much on your plate, and you look at something like Twitter and feel overwhelmed, it can cause you to put up a wall and not even bother. But the good news is that you can easily engage with your target audience on Twitter using lists, and it won’t take a ton of time.

Check out the video and let me know if you have questions!

Watch This Video to Learn More About Twitter Lists