Make the Most of Your Martech

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Make the Most of Your Martech

Written by Stacy Jackson

Feb 11, 2019

February 11, 2019

What is Martech?

What is martech? Martech is the technology that powers modern marketing strategies and tactics and covers a variety of different promotional, content, analytical, and planning tasks and disciplines.

Now that we have that definition out of the way, on with the post.

Let’s Talk Martech

My original intention today was to write an in-depth article on the various categories of marketing tech options with suggestions on how you could implement them in your marketing strategy.

Then reality hit me: there’s no way to explain this in a single blog post and be thorough while not also scaring the living daylights out of anyone who’s still uncomfortable with what to use and how to implement it.

Instead, let’s talk a bit about the evolution of the martech landscape followed by a peek at our favorite martech solutions and how you can use them.

Sound good? Let’s go!

Warning: The Martech Landscape Is Crowded


Ummm . . . just looking at this infographic makes my head hurt. The marketing technology landscape is extremely crowded, and that’s not hyperbole, folks. If we were to cover, in a single blog post, each category and subcategory of martech shown here, I think we would all lose it. While I love using the newest solutions as much as the next geeky marketer, sometimes you have to take a deep breath, take a step back, and ask yourself, “Do we really need this? Are we ready to use this now?”

Since 2011, the number of total tech tools for marketing has grown from 150 to more than 7,000! That’s a 4566.67% increase. What will the 2019 landscape look like? I’m a little scared (and at the same time, delighted) to find out. However, that’s a blog post for another day.

Some of Our Favorite Digital Marketing Solutions

The infographic above covers five main categories, each of which has at least six subcategories. Wowza! I’m not going to follow this infographic in describing some of our favorite solutions. Every time I look at all these subcategories, my brain cries a little bit.

Instead, I’m going to break down some of our favorite tools for inbound and content marketing and list them by where they plug into the process. This isn’t an exhaustive list; and for clients, we sometimes use different tools based on their unique needs. However, this is as good of an example as any to wade into the martech waters.
example martech stack

Martech Tool Attract Convert Close Delight
Affinity (Photo, Designer, Publisher) Graphics for blog posts and web pages eBook layout and graphics for landing pages Case study graphics Graphics for emails
Anchor Podcast hosting and distribution N/A N/A N/A
Camtasia Stage-specific video creation (primarily where screen capture is required) and editing
Canva Social media graphics; animated gifs Some eBook and tip sheet design Images for proposals and emails Images for emails
(referral link)
N/A Personalized videos for email and one-to-one social media outreach Personalized videos for email and one-to-one social media outreach Personalized videos for email and one-to-one social media outreach
Garageband Podcast editing N/A N/A N/a
(referral link)
N/A Lead capture pop-ups and bars N/A N/A

Social posting, SEO content planning, campaign management Forms, CTAs, landing pages, website chat and chatbots, CRM, lead scoring Emails, nurtures, personalization, CRM, opportunity tracking Emails, customer-
specific content pages, personalization, CRM
Lumen5 Teaser videos for blog posts and pillar pages N/A N/A N/A
Missinglettr Social media campaign and automation for blog posts and pillar pages N/A N/A N/A
Movavi Weekly social video creation (webcam capture & editing) Video creation and editing (teasers for for eBooks, webinars, events) Video creation and editing (teasers for eBooks, webinars, events) Video creation and editing (teasers for eBooks, webinars, events)
Replug Add a CTA to social media content shares Add personalized CTA to content links N/A N/A
SEMRush SEO research, planning, tracking; content creation support; social media insights Monitor and optimize public-facing, stage-specific content + identify backlink opportunities and issues
Slack N/A Integrates with HubSpot’s website chat tool N/A Keep in touch with clients who use Slack
Unless Customize pages based on traffic source Personalize pages based on past visits; create on-site remarketing ads Personalize pages based on past visits or email click throughs; create on-site remarketing ads
WordPress Website, blog posts, pillar pages, resources (videos, podcasts, etc.)
Zoom Podcast recordings Webinars Web meetings Web meetings

As you can see, we didn’t include any of our planning and productivity solutions, and we left off some other web analytics/management tools. If you’re interested, our favorites include:

What martech tools are you currently using? Where do you think you have gaps in your tech stack? If you’d like to talk about optimizing your marketing technology management, let us know! Just start a website chat with us or check out our Contact Us page.

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