Make Automation Work for Your Social Media Efforts

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Social media marketing can take a lot of time and effort — especially if you want to cover all the major platforms. You have to create or find fresh content to share regularly. Then, you have to post it to each platform. It can take a lot of time . . . unless you learn how to make automation work for you. You can’t go full auto pilot — social media is about being authentic, not robotic — but there are some great time-savers to help you out.

Share Your Blog Updates Automatically

You just spent time writing a great, new blog post. Make it easy to share by automating your social publishing of the post. If you use WordPress, you can take advantage of the Jetpack plugin and its Publicize feature. If you don’t use JetPack or you use a different blogging platform, take advantage of your RSS feed by integrating it with a social media dashboard platform like HootSuite.  Check out the last section of this post for other ways to take advantage of RSS for auto posting.

Socialize Your Emails

Another good content shortcut is to post your promotional emails and email newsletters as social media updates. Some email marketing programs like have a feature that lets you do this. You can connect Twitter and Facebook, and customize the messages you’d like sent to each platform.

mailchimp to social media

When setting up a new campaign in MailChimp, create your social media publishing settings.

Social Widgets and Plugins for Your Blog

Earlier we talked about automating blog updates to social media. Now let’s discuss putting social media updates on your blog. Twitter provides widgets to let you share your Twitter updates with your blog readers. You can also use your Twitter lists to create a relevant Twitter stream to share other people’s updates with your readers. Facebook has its own set of widgets and plugins to help you share your Facebook activity with your website and blog visitors. If you are a WordPress user, there is also our old friend, Jetpack. Jetpack’s Extra Sidebar Widgets provides social stream options.

Cross-Posting Do’s and Don’ts

Cross-posting the same updates to multiple social media platforms is a definite time saver, and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you do it right. Things to consider

  • Be careful about cross-posting updates that use site-specific jargon; a post with the word “tweet” or “retweet” on Twitter works great. On Facebook or LinkedIn, it will be obvious that you are just cross posting. That can leave that audience thinking that you aren’t putting effort into engaging with them.
  • Be certain that the update is appropriate for cross-posting. As you may remember for the post on organizing your contacts, you may have different audiences on each platform. Cross post with care!

Other Ways Automate Updates

Don’t go wild with the information I’m about to share with you. It could blow up in your face if you over do it with automatic updates. Used sparingly, though, some of these suggestions can be real-time savers. Here are some ways to quickly share content on social media.

IFTTT recipes

  • Automatically tweet content from a favorite RSS feed (this is going to tweet every new post, so be sure you want to do this)
  • Post to Twitter with Image when you post to Google+
  • Automatically Tweet your Facebook posts:
  • Tweet your new favorite YouTube videos:

You can create your recipes at Just remember what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Use for good not laziness. Updates is a great tool for curating content, and it has built in options for sharing your curated content to other social media platforms. There are free and paid versions of with varying levels on the number of social platforms you can connect. Here is an example of a topic that we curate for ourselves and others: not only creates a neat little “magazine” to share with your followers, it will also auto post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Here are a couple of examples of papers we manage:

  • (on a custom domain)

Rebel Mouse is almost like a mash up of and You can have items automatically added to your Rebel Mouse page and have it auto tweet to people when stories are added from their tweets. You can also expand on the stories similar to the way you do on

Here are a couple of Rebel Mouse examples

  • Our Rebel Mouse (embedded on our website):
  • A client Rebel Mouse:


Automation works for you when you don’t over do it. Automating should be a way to cut down on scheduling tasks so that you have more time for authentic engagement and real-time sharing of breaking news or important information. Make sure you’re replying to comments and questions regarding your posts.

Try This

  1. Add you RSS feed to the social platforms where you want these updates to post. Follow the directions for each platform, or use the RSS update feature in a dashboard like Hootsuite.
  2. Add your social urls to at least one of your email lists by following your system’s directions. In Aweber, you’ll be able to add multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Then choose the ones you want to share to for each email you send.
  3. If you don’t already have the Facebook or Twitter widgets on your blog, go to those sites and get the code to put in a widget with the types of updates you want to display.
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