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Leverage Micro-Influencers to Win Big Online


Influencer marketing isn’t only for large brands with a seemingly never-ending marketing budget. Small businesses and startups can see results from collaborating with influencers too, specifically micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are people with an engaged set of followers ranging from 1,000 – 100,000. It’s not necessary to partner with the “king of Instagram,” Dan Bilzerian or other celebrities to benefit from this form of marketing.

6 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Partner with a Micro-Influencer

Influencer marketing is the modern-day word of mouth. Even if you have the budget to work with major influencers it still may be a good idea to partner with some average people too. Personally, when you see a post from a celebrity raving about a product, what’s your first thought? Mine is usually something along the lines of, “I wonder how much they’re getting paid for this endorsement?” If it’s a peer, it tends to feel more sincere and natural – even if it is an ad (disclosed of course).

  1. Trust among readership/followers. Micro-influencers have more of a connection with their fans because they have time to respond to comments and engage with community themselves. Through the relationships with their community, they have an influence on purchase decisions.
  2. More availability to be creative. Micro-influencers have the time to set up creative photos or blog posts; unlike celebrities who often employ full-time social media managers. They may not have a professional camera, but who needs one these days with the high quality of our smartphones’ cameras. As you conduct your research, look for individuals who have the know how to create appealing visuals.
  3. The excitement to work with a brand can encourage micro-influencers to share more.
    It can make them feel special to partner with you and want to share your post across all their platforms. They’ll also likely talk about it with their friends, furthering engagement even more.
  4. Finding micro-influencers with some expertise in your industry is easy. You’ll want to identify those that are already posting about related topics. These people will have a specialized niche and a following that’s genuinely interested in the things they share. Instead of hiring someone famous who has never heard of your brand, these individuals may already have insights into your company. Those that are already raving about you (your advocates) are a perfect match for a partnership.
  5. No big egos to deal with and more of an openness to new ideas. When working with celebrities, you may have to deal with egos. The influencer may have done several branded posts before and think that they know more about the process than you. They may have their own plan in mind that doesn’t align with your strategy. Then you have to waste time reigning them in on your original plan. Collaborating with smaller influencers helps to avoid this problem.
  6. It’s more cost-effective to go with smaller influencers. Not only do they charge less than major influencers, but your cost per conversion will be less too. People follow celebrities because their famous and they want to see what random thing about their life they will post next. The audiences of micro-influencers will be more in line with your target audience, as they’re likely interested in the same things as the influencer. They’re following the micro-influencer because they have a mutual interest.

Now that you know a few of the benefits of working with micro-influencers check out these six ways to identify micro-influencers for your brand in this blog on our sister page

How to Take Full Advantage of Partnerships with Micro-Influencers

The research, planning, and strategizing involved in creating an influencer marketing campaign can be a bit time-consuming. Check out these four ways to fully benefit from a collaboration with influencers, no matter what the size is of their following.

  • Build trust – Demonstrate that you won’t take advantage of them. Ensure it’s a mutually beneficial relationship and be forthcoming about your expectations. When partnering with micro-influencers send them free stuff and offer to run giveaways through their channels. Giveaways can work to increase the audience for both your brand and the influencer. They’ll greatly appreciate it, and you will reap the benefits from their growth as well.
  • Look long term – Don’t focus on one or two posts in a single campaign. Think about how you can build a lasting relationship with your micro-influencers. Consider embracing the term “ambassador” or something similar. This will make them feel special, and if they have a blog, they may even be interested in adding a badge linking back to your website.
  • Keep it simple – Have a clear plan for your micro-influencers and make it easy for them to work with you. The company influenster works to partner up everyday shoppers with products from large brands. The brands send out free items for review, and most include a printed card with company handles, hashtags, etc. Anything that the influencer may need to incorporate into their social posts. Some even create sample tweets or social messages.
  • Repurpose and sponsor content – Ensure that part of your agreement allows you to use any content the influencer creates on your website and social media channels. You may also want to put some money into sponsoring their content. People love to watch unboxing videos. Take FabFitFun for example, just Google “FabFitFun unboxing, ” and you’ll see what I mean.

Although an influencer marketing campaign will require effort on your company’s behalf, the benefits will be worthwhile. Brand24 reported that “82% of consumers are highly likely to trust a micro-influencer’s recommendation.” Micro-influencers add validity to your brand. These individuals are trusted advisors among their peers, and if you have a good product that they like, then their sincerity and honesty will shine through in their posts.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share about working with micro-influencers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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