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Lead tracking is a vital function of the sales & marketing department.  Marketing typically spends a lot of time and money driving prospects to their websites in an effort to convert them to customers.  There are various ways they drive traffic to the site: email campaigns, direct mailing, social media, content creation, ads, etc.  There are numerous ways marketing drives traffic to a company’s website.  When you break it down, you see can see that the efforts of the marketing department are usually working and traffic is increasing.  So, why aren’t more sales being made?  Because 96% of companies visiting a website go unnoticed (Source:  Lead Liaison).

96% is a lot of lost leads!  So, how do you remedy this problem?  Implementing a marketing automation that has lead tracking capabilities will help you have a better handle on the leads visiting your site and give you the chance to act on them.  We use Lead Liaison as our marketing automation tool.  They offer a desktop feature called Streamer that will aid your sales team in getting real time leads right on their desktop so that your sales team has the ability to reach out to leads rather than the leads getting lost.

The Lead Liaison Streamer scrolls real-time site visitors across the bottom of your computer.  So, you will see right when a prospect is visiting the site.  Having this information at the fingertips of your sales team can change the game for your overall company sales.

35 – 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (Source: Hubspot)

If your response time isn’t immediate, then you may be missing out on a lot of potential sales.  That’s why the Streamer feature that Lead Liaison offers is a great asset to any sales team.  The browser-less desktop client allows you to stream real-time information about businesses visiting your website right across the bottom of your screen…so you never miss an opportunity.  This tool will create urgency and awareness for your sales team to help them achieve your company sales goals.

Users have the ability to see the visitors status (offline, online, chatting, etc.), how many pages they viewed, what pages were viewed, how long they viewed each page, and what search words were used to lead them to your site (if they found you via organic search).  Your sales team will know how they visited your site (i.e. direct, social, email, SEO, etc.) too, which will help in your overall marketing efforts.

So, if you don’t have visibility to your site’s visitors in real-time, then you are probably losing out on potential customers.  Ensuring your sales & marketing teams are collaborating together and using a lead tracking and marketing automation tool will help to increase sales.  Contact Jackson Marketing Services today if you’re interested in B2B Content Marketing Service Plan (Lead Liaison subscription included).

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