Stacy Jackson is a founding partner at Jackson Marketing, Inc., a marketing firm located in Dunedin, Florida. In addition to her work at Jackson Marketing, Stacy is a co-host of The B2B Mix Show podcast. You can follow her on Twitter at @stacy_jax and connect with her on LinkedIn (
Is Your Marketing Automation Platform a Glorified Email Solution?

Written by Stacy Jackson

Feb 26, 2019

February 26, 2019

Season 1, Episode 3

Is Your Marketing Automation Platform a Glorified Email Solution?

Are you giving your marketing automation or inbound marketing platform the respect it deserves? Yeah, we said respect, and we mean it.

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In episode three of The Marketing Mix, Stacy and Alanna cover marketing automation and inbound marketing technology and how you need to respect the tech. Are you giving your marketing automation or inbound marketing platform the respect it deserves? Yeah, we said respect. If you aren’t fully utilizing the platform, you aren’t getting a return on your investment.

In today’s show, we’re covering what you may be missing out on if all you do is use your marketing automation solution for emails and contact capture through forms. Yeah, we are primarily talking about HubSpot (disclosure: we’re a HubSpot Partner Agency), BUT you can likely find similar features in marketing automation platforms.

Join us to hear the martech lovefest as we chat about:

  • Landing pages and forms (including discussion of hidden fields and progressive profiling)
  • Live chat and chatbots (plus Slack integration)
  • Pop-ups
  • Call-to-Action buttons
  • Dynamic content personalization and customization
  • Contacts and lists (including static and active lists)
  • Reports and analytics (including using Prospects data)
  • Workflows (and several ways to use them)
  • SEO strategy/topic cluster module
  • Integration with CRM and ticket desk technology

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Scott Brinker’s Martech Technology Landscape Supergraphic

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Podcast Reviews

  • Excellent podcast!!!
    by apepper728 from United States

    Wow! These two know what's going on! Just when I thought marketing may not be as helpful to me, I found myself hooked! These ladies have relevant topics and they're just interesting to listen to.

  • Expert B2B marketing insights with some sisterly banter
    by meaghmL from United States

    I love listening to the B2B Mix Show and hearing tips and best practices from leaders in B2B marketing! Alanna and Stacy are great hosts and make me feel like I'm sitting in the same room with them and their guests. It's fun to hear them play off of one another during their interviews too. The sisterly love is real!

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