How to Personalize Your Content Marketing Efforts

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How to Personalize Your Content Marketing Efforts

by Content Marketing

The abundance of content on the web today means connecting with your readers takes a bit more effort than it did a few years ago. If your content isn’t revolutionary or unforgettable, personalizing it may be the key to resonating with your target audience. There are two ways to personalize your content marketing efforts:

  1. Making it specific to the reader by customizing it for them.
  2. Applying your spin to a topic and infusing it with your personality.

Personalize Your Content Marketing for Your Audience

When you personalize your content marketing, you not only improves the customer experience but adds business value too. Personalizing your content marketing:

  1. Provides valuable insights into your prospects and customers.
  2. Creates customer loyalty.
  3. Increases sales.

Make use of the valuable data you have available to you about your audience. Don’t be creepy about it though. You may know the last two blog posts they read, how they came to your site, and which product pages they’ve visited, but you don’t need to let them know you have that insight. Instead, send them relevant CTAs for the products they’ve looked at, or invitations to view related content.

There’s no reason to say, “Hey, I saw you spent two minutes and 26 seconds reading this blog on “X,” I think you’ll also like “Y.” If you set up your remarketing correctly, the user will be more likely to take the action you desire. Retargeted website visitors are 70 percent more prone to a conversion.

Create content for your different buyer personas. Don’t try to talk to everyone in the industry, instead speak to your target buyer. Pretend you have a piece of content about using social media for your career, someone in human resources who is looking to use social to recruit new talent will look for a different angle than someone in a financial role.

Segmented content enables you to attract your audience and sets you up to easily generate nurture campaigns. Creating visible categories on your website or blog adds a personalization factor to your blog too. It allows users to self-serve themselves with other content they find appealing.

Don’t forget to take advantage of marketing automation tools that can aid in personalizing your content marketing. Use a CRM to set up nurturing campaigns based on segmentation. Generating a sequence of emails allows you to feed them content they will enjoy while moving them along the path to purchase.

When sending out emails, ensure that you add their first name in your email greetings. People love to hear and see their names. Most CRMs can use the first name if it’s available, and if not they can show another word or phrase. You’ll also want to send out emails from a person’s email address and not a brand email address like info@ or sales@, use your name.

Analytics and reporting can help you discover what your audience likes and help to guide your content strategy. Quizzes and polls are another option to learn more about your prospects and what their pain points are. You can ask questions on your blog, in an email, or on social media. Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Instagram all offer polling features.

Infuse your Brand’s Personality into your Content Marketing

Have you ever read something and known who wrote it before you saw the byline? Putting your stamp on your content lets your reader get to know you. By using the same kind of language, people can recognize the content from your brand. For example, Alanna is a jokester in real life, and that shines through in the blogs she creates. They’re always a little cheeky, and it’s part of her personal brand.

Apply this same idea to your social messages. Wendy’s is one example of a brand that is letting their personality shine through in their posts. If you’re using social media to respond to customer service inquiries, instruct your team to add “- [first name]” or something similar to the end of their social messages. It will let people know there’s a real person behind the response and not an automated bot.

Another way to personalize your content marketing and add a sense of your individuality is through video. Video gives you the opportunity to get more than just your message across.  Seeing your face and hearing your voice shows people that you’re a real person. You can use social media to share pre-recorded or live videos for your audience as a whole. You could also create videos for specific prospects to add that extra touch. There are even tools available (OneMob) to help you create, send, and track personalized videos that you share with people.

Almost half of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience. Use a blend of data, technology, and human interaction to personalize your content, therefore, increasing your bottom line. How are you personalizing your content? Let us know in the comments below.

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