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Guest blogging is a huge part of online content marketing.  It helps to drive traffic to your site and develop brand awareness.  Unfortblogging for businessunately, not everyone has a firm grasp on the do’s and don’ts of what is appropriate when submitting a guest blog post.  As a company that specializes in content marketing, we know and understand the importance of guest blogging to create brand awareness.  We are also editors for Rabid Office Monkey, which focuses on small businesses, so we know and understand what it’s like to receive guest blog posts.  So, we wanted to share with you some best practices for guest blogging to ensure you have a better chance of getting your blog published.

 Know the Site & Audience – Before submitting your post, check out the site and get familiar with its content and audience.  If the site is focused on fortune 500 companies and you’re post is about small business, then you probably won’t get published.  If you have an intimate feel for the type of content the site publishes and its audience, then you can write your blog to fit the audience.

Share Useful Information – Make sure that the information you’re sharing is useful to the readers.  If it’s not useful or interesting, then it may not get published.  Individuals and companies are more likely to read and share content if it has meaning for them.  Don’t go crazy with links!  If your information isn’t useful on its own, then you may need to consider rewriting it.

Provide Author Bio – The site will want to make sure and give credit where credit is due.  If you submit a guest blog post but do not provide any of your information, then there’s no credit to be given.  Also, providing an author bio will give others the opportunity to contact you and it will drive traffic back to your site.  If you write a blog that has fresh content, then you may get other guest blogging opportunities…but they need to know whom you are!

Proofread – Make sure and read your post before submitting it to make sure it flows and that it’s grammatically correct.  If you’re submitting an English language post and English isn’t your first language, then ask someone that is fluent in English to read through it and offer suggestions.  If you’re not skilled at grammar, then ask someone to proofread it for edits.  If you don’t have someone else that can help you out with proofreading your post, then you can always use a tool like Grammarly’s Free Grammar Checker. Correct all grammar errors and check for plagiarism – instant and free! to review it for mistakes and edits.

Don’t Submit an Advertisement – Basically, don’t submit a post that’s an advertisement in every other sentence.  A post like this will most likely be rejected right off the bat.  It’s reasonable to mention and link back to your company or client’s company but keep it minimal.  Identify an issue that your product can resolve and focus on talking through it and then at the end of the post suggest your company as a resolution to the issue.

 If you hold to these best practices, then you will have a better chance of getting your guest blog published!

Disclosure:  Jackson Marketing Services is an affiliate of Grammarly.  There’s an affiliate link in the above post.



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