Great Opt-In Offer Ideas for Your Website

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right offerAn opt-in offer is a great way to keep leads flowing into your sales funnel. People are often hesitant to fill out forms that require their email and phone number, so it’s important that you provide something valuable as an incentive to do so.

Check out these great options for your next opt-in offer.

eBooks and Reports

eBooks and reports can be easy for most businesses to create as part of their content marketing efforts. With a little time, some research, and good writing, you can produce a valuable eBook or report that your prospects will want to download and share. Don’t let that little “e” scare you — an eBook is simply a PDF that can be viewed on any computer. Your eBook or report needs to help the reader solve a specific problem. If you are a graphic design professional or have access to a graphic designer, you could consider making your PDF more of a visual guide — a detailed infographic, for example.

Training Courses

Free online training courses can be a big draw for certain industries and professions. When designing your free online training course, you can break it down into segments that come with worksheets, note-taking sheets, chapter summaries, etc. Your training course should walk a learner step-by-step through the process. Format  can include PDF, email series, videos, or audios.

Free Apps

Freebies with a high-perceived value are mobile apps. With more and more adults using mobile devices, the demand of mobile apps is growing. A well-planned mobile app will help users do something through the use of their smartphones or tablets. The great thing about an app is that people will probably use it often, which keeps you continually on their radar. Not sure how to get started with creating an app? Check out

Free Trials

Free trials are a great way for potential customers to sample your service for a limited time with a low risk (from the customer’s standpoint). Your free trial offer could be a limited-time membership to a paid website, a limited-time use of your service, or a free trial of a software program.

The Elements of an Excellent Opt-in Offer

We all love free stuff! However, if you want to keep the interest of those you enticed with the freebie, the freebie must deliver results or value. Your free offer should help your target market learn something valuable and/or solve a problem for them. Make it unique that people can’t find at the same quality and value anywhere else.

Also, try adding a sense of urgency to your opt-in offer by providing it for a limited time. Your prospects will be concerned about waiting too long — they won’t want to lose the chance to take advantage of the offer.

Finally, since your offer is the main thing that draws in your customers, it needs to be visible everywhere possible. Create a landing page for your offer and also put it on the sidebar of your blog and any other relevant sites. If it’s just what your readers are looking for, they will become subscribers.

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