The Five Faces of Making-a-Video Grief

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The Five Faces of Making-a-Video Grief

Written by Stacy Jackson

March 28, 2019

Hey, I know how important video is nowadays when it comes to sales and marketing, and everyone wants to try and look so incredibly polished and professional. 

Sometimes, even with the will to do well, things go off the rails. That was my video this week. I share this with you as encouragement. You are not alone when it comes to struggling with videos from time to time. The secret is to keep trying and keep practicing.

Also, you may find that being authentic and natural can score more points than a super-polished, slickly edited video. Let people see the real you behind the message. 

What My Video Was Supposed to Be About

Regarding the actual message I wanted to share in my video . . . be sure to check out The Marketing Mix Episode 7. We interviewed Chad Nelson of The Basis Group. Chad shared some great insights with us on what a brand is and how it can take B2B technology companies to the next level.

Pssst — here’s one big tip we’ll give you before you even listen to the podcast. A brand is way, way bigger than a mere logo. 


If you go on the internet, you will literally find thousands of different definitions, and I actually think that it’s the design and creative world, in many ways, that has made the mistake of thinking about a brand as a logo. Chad Nelson

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