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find your blogging voiceWhen you first decided to start a company blog, did you have a plan? Or, did you think, “this will be easy – all I have to do is write!”  If you aren’t attracting and maintaining an audience with your blog, the problem may be that you haven’t yet found your voice.  When you have established your voice, you provide consistency and set an expectation for readers that builds trust and keeps them coming back for more.

So what is a “Blog Voice” anyway?

Think about your favorite singer.  That singer has elements that make him or her unique.  Rolling Stone describes Kurt Cobain’s voice as having a “ferocious rasp.” Willie Nelson is noted for his songwriting uniqueness: “odd phrasing and experimental use of syntax in songs.” (Source:  While you may not be angling for your own recording contract, you still need to develop your own recognizable blog voice to make your blog stand apart from the thousands of others vying for your readers’ attention.

So, let’s get started! Your voice conveys your (or your brand’s) personality and beliefs.  It should have its own tone, style, and type of content that makes it unique. Ask yourself these questions to help you determine your blog’s voice:

  • Will my blog be factual or allow for opinion?
  • What values will my blog convey?
  • Do I want the tone of my blog to be formal and professional, or friendly and casual?
  • What type of information will you supply to readers – recent news, reviews, how-to information?

Personality is one of the most important aspects of your blog voice. You don’t want your blog to be considered too dull or too formal. Be authentic, engaging, and human.

Have you defined your “Ideal Reader”?

Before you go off and attempt to establish your voice on your own, take a moment to consider your “perfect reader.” Visualize the type of person whom you expect to become your blog’s fan. Use this image to help you write content that resonate perfectly with that ideal reader. You may need to do a little homework to really nail this down.

Feeling like a writer yet?

When you are a writer, it is essential that you find your voice. If you are going to blog, you are a writer. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a writer. Maybe you don’t feel you have the talent to be called a writer. The fact is, if you are writing a blog that you expect people to read, you are a writer. Part of your ongoing efforts to hone your voice and improve your writing is to read different blogs and study the voice of those writers. This exercise helps you develop and differentiate your voice, and gives you pointers on ways to improve your own style.

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