Don’t Fear Marketing Automation

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Change is hard and the thought of having to learn new technology can be scary. That’s probably why marketing automation software only has a 16% adoption rate among North American B2B companies. (source: AdAge May 27, 2014) Some industries, of course, are ahead of the curve. Technology firms have a 65% adoption rate while finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries have adoption rates in the single digits.”


Just in case you don’t read my posts on LinkedIn, I want to share with you a surprising statistic: there is only a 16% adoption rate of marketing automation among North American B2B companies.


I don’t know about you, but I find that statistic (reported in AdAge in May of 2014) to be really surprising. Not so surprising is the fact that tech companies have high adoption rates, but what about all the other industries out there? Don’t they want to nurture leads, measure online marketing success, market to visitors one-to-one in almost real time in some cases?

If you haven’t taken the leap into marketing automation because you are just not certain that you are ready to implement it, check out an agency like mine. We offer marketing automation as part of our inbound marketing offering. Learn more at on our B2B Content Marketing Plans page!

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