Do You Use These Tactics To Drive #Sales with Your Company #Blog?

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A company blog is essential for establishing your place on the Web. Check out how entrepreneurs used their own blogs to drive product or service sales.


Today when reading Search Engine Journal, I came across this great post by Scott Gerber. It goes right along with the Blog Traffic Acceleration Series we are developing here on our company blog. Gerber gives tips from 13 experts on ways you should be using your blog to drive sales. They include using your blog to . . .

  1. Provide an educational and consultative approach
  2. Compliment other influencers
  3. Use it as the first stage of your sales funnel
  4. Extend the life of live events (webinars, conferences, etc.)
  5. Tell prospects something without selling
  6. Offer anecdotal evidence
  7. Help new audiences through education
  8. Answer frequently asked questions
  9. Collect data through gated content
  10. Repurpose the best posts into a digital magazine
  11. Actually sell — it’s OK to sell in your blog sometimes
  12. Develop drip email courses
  13. Share product updates

Read Gerber’s full post for specifics on employing each in your own blog.

Are you using any of these 13 tips in your blogging efforts? Do you have others you would recommend?

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