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Setting up Systems for Email Updates

blog traffic via emailWhen it comes to delivering your blog via email, all you need to do is set up an RSS feed. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and that’s exactly what it is. It’s easy to set up, and your content is syndicated once you set it up.

Readers can subscribe to their favorite blogs through RSS. Your RSS feed aggregates your content and can deliver new posts directly to their email inboxes so they don’t have to constantly visit a blog to check for new content. An RSS feed helps them by bringing the new content directly to them.

Set up an RSS Feed

There are different ways to set up an RSS feed. Many blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress, provide an RSS feed when you start a blog. Visit your blog dashboard to look for it. You can add whatever information you need to there.

If your blog doesn’t automatically provide an RSS feed or you want to add a little additionally functionality and features to it, there are several free services you can use. FeedBurner, owned by Google, is one of the most popular.

To set up an account with FeedBurner or a similar service, you need to enter information about your blog and get verified. Once verified, you can grab a piece of code to put to create an email subscription form on your blog. Now your readers can easily via email.

There are various ways to display your RSS feed on your blog or other places. The most common is a “Subscribe” button or an RSS icon. Blogging platforms offer other options as well, like WordPress’s widget that you can install on a site or blog.

Send Email Newsletters Featuring Your Latest Posts

If you send an email newsletter to your audience, you can leverage your RSS feed to automatically add blog posts as stories to your newsletter. This can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Each time you update your blog, you can update your newsletter and send your subscribers a message linked to your blog. They can click straight through to your blog through the newsletter.

If you aren’t already building an email list for your blog or business, consider setting up a subscription form and start using email to promote your blog content. You can sign up for an email marketing service like Aweber, Constant Contact* or MailChimp, and then build a list of email subscribers. The email marketing service will give you a sign-up form that you can put on your blog, site and other places. You can then send content to your subscribers, including updates about new blog content.

Email Marketing Service

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Learning Activity:

Create an RSS feed for your blog using a service such as Feedburner, or locate the url of your current feed.

Set up an automated blog ‘broadcast’ in your email marketing or marketing automation platform to tell your subscribers about your latest posts. Find the instructions in your service’s help section help section.

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