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content inventory checklist
Content Inventory Checklist

Content Inventory Checklist [Infographic]


The process of creating new content may be habitual and come together easily for you, but the eleven aspects laid out in this infographic are each important and necessary to get results from your time investment. Various types of content will require different file formats, and you also have SEO considerations. The content inventory checklist is an audit for your content. Each item on the checklist plays a profound role in the creation of content and should be carefully examined when conducting your audit.


Once you’ve hit the publish button and released your hard work out on the interwebs, what is your process? Do you have one or do you just share it on a few social media channels and hope for the best? Taking the time to review the results of your content will prove valuable. You may find places where minor changes can lead to significant improvements, such as broken links or SEO. Start with a list of content from your website and note the eleven aspects of content shown in the infographic.

The data you collect can guide you and your brand on future content. You’ll see what your readers like, what keeps them on your site, and what sends them packing. Understanding this data is a strong foundation for creating performing content that attracts readers and brings them back again. Here’s a list of basic questions to evaluate your content:

  • How many times has your content been shared on social media? Does your site make it easy to share?
  • What percentage of viewers take the action requested in your CTAs?
  • How many other sites are linking to your content?
  • Where does your content rank on the major search engines?
  • How much engagement is your content getting from viewers?
  • What are the sources sending the bulk of your traffic?
  • How long do they stay on your site? How many pages are they looking at before leaving?

The free and paid tools mentioned in this infographic will assist you in answering these questions during the audit. Look to high-performing content to find out what your viewers like and use that as a template. There’s no reason to recreate the wheel every time, just replicate what has worked for your brand in the past. Here are five aspects to look for in these posts:

  1. Do you see a pattern with the topics?
  2. What is the tone and style of these posts?
  3. Who was the author?
  4. Was anything done differently regarding SEO?
  5. What kind of visuals were included?

Now that you’ve taken a closer look at what’s involved in evaluating your content it’s time to get a better understanding of the building blocks for leveraging written and visual assets for online success. Our ebook, The Fundamentals of a Strong Content Marketing Strategy covers the development of buyer personas, competition research, putting your plan together, and a deeper dive into the creation of a content inventory. Download your copy here.


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