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social media contentWhile social media marketing isn’t rocket science, it’s not always easy either. To run a successful campaign, you should provide followers with regular, relevant content. Check out these three types of content you can use with your social networks.

Content that Makes Them Think or Laugh

Put yourself in yourself in your prospect’s shoes. What would you like to see from a company like yours? Maybe it’s something that will make you think or make you laugh (or both).Think about the things that will get your audience talking about and sharing your content. Find fun and interesting stories on sites like Mashable to share with your audience.

DirecTV has had recent success with the humor approach by featuring Peyton and Eli Manning in the Fantasy Football Fantasy rap video/commercial. People have been sharing this all over the internet. You don’t have to produce your own hilarious videos or content, though. Find great content to share and add your own twist with a comment from you/your business.

One of your goals is to get a discussion going about your product or service. That can be tough if you are just starting out with a new market. Take time to do some research and study your target personas. You should be able to get a good sense of what gets your followers are most interested in discussing and sharing.

Never fear sharing something for the sake of laughs. After all, the majority of viral content is humorous. With that said, make sure your choices are in good taste. At the end of the day, you want people to have a positive image of you and your business.

Your Own Content

We all know that nobody likes a braggart who only talks about himself, and we have all been cautioned to avoid that in our social media efforts. However, it’s perfectly OK to talk about your business as long as every update isn’t about your business. Use social media to alert your customers and fans when you have new blog posts, videos, pictures, etc. Give them a short tweet or post with a link and let them know what they will see when the visit the link.

The handy part about sharing your own content is that a lot of that sharing can be updated. Jetpack plugin for WordPress has the publicize feature to help you spread content to your social media sites. You can set up an RSS feed with your social media dashboard program to post your latest blog post everywhere. Take advantage of automation when it comes to sharing from your site.

You and Your Products

Fans and customers don’t mind periodic updates about your business and products from time to time. Take time to frame your posts in the right way to make them more about useful information than overtly promotional messaging. Food companies are great at this. Check out this recipe tweet from Land O’Lakes featuring their Sauté Express product:

Another option is showing your product or service in a different light. BlendTec has been wildly successful with their video series “Will it Blend?” Here’s a video where they really go for it and try to blend five iPhone 5 devices. Is this silly? Yes. Does it get the point across at how well a Blendtec product can blend things? You bet!

What Not to Do

  • Don’t update too much — people will begin to tune you out if you overwhelm them with your updates.
  • Tread lightly when it comes to controversial topics. Politics, religion, sex, or other taboo topics can cause you to alienate followers and potentially lose business.
  • Don’t be overly self-promotional — people don’t like braggarts. Showcase products, special deals, and new content. Just make sure it’s useful and interesting versus totally self promotional.

Try This

  1. Identify at least 1 interesting article to share each day for the next week. Share that link with one or more of your social networks, or add them to your scheduler.
  2. Write or find at least one tip to post each day. Share immediately or schedule it.
  3. Identify which products or services you want to promote and when you will do that. Write up the promotion and schedule it.
  4. Add any additional content you want to share to your scheduler.


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